Hit Me With Music

Thank goodness for YouTube.

I love music and listen to music in my sleep. Serious ting! I fall asleep with music on and rise with a song in my head. Usually something sexy…oftentimes culturally based. From Motown hits (Ahh Sam Cooke) to rock, or reggae/dancehall…I don’t discriminate. If it sounds good, I’ll work with it.

Boredom set in today as I watched my gran baby sleep, so I decided to pop in the ear buds and do one of the things I do best…search YouTube for a few of my faves that will never get stale…then share. I only added some of the ones I listen regularly, because if I were to list all my faves this page would never load. Here they are in no particular order. I hope you like ’em.

  1. Queen Ifrica-I love “Below The Waist” because I can actually relate 🙂 Boom tune!!!

2. Busy Signal“Comfort Zone”. Busy, da tune yah bad. What’s not to love? The man seh he believes in love, and every time im leave im dying fi come back home. “…an even if a dream mi a dream mi nuh waa wake up!”… Song yah will never get stale. #Timeless

3. Buju Banton-“Cry No More” will always be one of my favorite Gargamel tunes. Jah know Buju…we cry for the I everyday. #MissHimMUCH

4. Iba Mahr feat. Tarrus Riley-This “Diamond Sox” remix & video makes me happy lol. I feel as if someone transported me back to the good ole days of dancehall. Venue included. #Vibes

5. Jesse Royal-The man a sing bout the “two side cutlass” dem…the “Modern Day Judas”. What’s not to like? #BigTune

6. Stephen & Damian Marley-This song and video takes me to my happy place. Cyah tyad a it.  Which woman nuh waa get knock out in bed till dem cyah revive? Madd! “All Night” full a vibes and the video captures the essence of Jamaica. #Timeless #Joyful

7. Jah9-Well sah, I must say I have this video on repeat every time I hit YouTube. The song sweet and the video captures so much natural beauty. From the surroundings to the gorgeous kings and beautiful sisters in their element. No batty riders or batty shaking…just royal beauty. Plus which woman nuh love size 14? I too have a fondness for “Avocado”… 🙂 #LoveThis

8. Jah Cure“Life We Live”. I love me some Jah Cure, and I love everything about this video. The ‘out of many one people’ definitely reps in this one. “Natural mystic is in the air, Bob Marley seh have no fear…everything is gonna be alright!” #ItsTheCure

9. Little Hero-Little Twitch-General Trees-Live Dancehall

Oh the vibes….check this out people. Madd! Now this is dancehall. #Legendary

10. Chronixx & Kabaka Pyramid-“Mi Alright”…oh yeah! Giving The Most High praises all day.

11. Sizzla“Holding Firm” is my motto. #ClassicKalongi

12. Stephen Marley-I listen to this song so much even my children know it by heart. There is just something about this cover of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Pale Moonlight” that grabs me in my chest each time I listen to it. The only problem I find with it is the length. It is way too short. (My greedy ass). I need this song to have been about six minutes to ratid. The Ragga deal wid it so soulfully, it’s hard to play it once and be done. I had the pleasure of hearing Stephen and his band perform this live recently, and I thought this is it…I have lived. Yeah man…love this song bad bad bad! #GeniusAtWork

13. Cham-It’s not just culture and lovey dovey songs…I also like a bit of naughty in the mix as well.  Cham has a way of being suggestive without being lewd. This happens to be one of my wine up miself and gwaan bad song. Rayyy! “Back Way” a dweet!

14. Lenny Kravitz – “Fly Away” is my all time favorite road trip song. There is just something about traveling way over the speed limit with this tune blasting through the speakers. Seven Mile Bridge heading to Key West, and that long stretch through Virginia are two of my favorite “fly away” spots. When Leonard performed this at Webster Hall last year I was in hog heaven. Watching him live was one thing…telling him how much dem tune yah mean to me in person was-#priceless! I am envisioning a dancehall remix. Hey, I can dream!


Buju BantonZoom Zoom/Ride This…(yes please)

Let me just leave this right here…

Yu tink Buju easy? Dwl…unnu leggo di Banton!

So there you have it. It’s good to be bored sometimes.

Thanks to all the artists around the world for all the great music. You put my life to riddim.






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