You Have No Say-Shut It


I was so sure I would be sleeping in this morning. I hadn’t planned on social “media-ing” today, but with all that has been happening lately, I figured I should at least log on and see what was up. I like to get my news from the real people on Instagram and Facebook because it’s uncensored, so I logged on. #ShouldaWentBackToBed

I like positive vibes mi people, and a peaceful spirit. Smelling the flowers, living in love and all that hippie stuff. I relish my happy place which is inside me, and I don’t like anything or anyone to draw me out or attempt to. I am a passionate person, and that Simeon who will fight to the death for those I love, and for the causes in which I believe. I can’t help it, blame my tribe if you want to blame someone. #MyAncestry

I put God first, then my children, my family, the friends I consider family, and those with whom I associate, after. I am also extremely passionate about that little island sitting almost in the center of the Caribbean Sea, and I get heated and ready fi fight the minute I hear anyone speaking ill of my birthplace. Jamaica is where my heart is, and if it a sink…I will sink with it. It irks me when foreigners speak ill of my island, but when Jamaicans (especially those who migrated and throw stone behind them) talk ill of Jamaica mi blood boil.

If you are a Jamaican living in Jamaica and want to talk up about certain issues here, I get it and agree that you have all right. You’re here in Jamaica daily so you must know what you’re talking about. If you are a regular visitor to the island and wish to voice your opinion on issues here because you have first-hand experience, by all means talk up. However, if you were born in Jamaica, migrated to some foreign country, became a citizen of that country, and in thirty-three years have never been back to Jamaica, please let me invite you to shut the hell up and stop chat! You nuh have nuh talk. Mi nuh waa hear nutten you haffi seh, plus mi nuh deal wid hear-say…and you shouldn’t either!!!

So there I was on Facebook, scrolling the news feed and came across a post that read: “With all that’s happening here in the states, I would go back to Jamaica but if Jamaica was different. as you reach them ready to kill you. I have been here 33 years and I havent been there since visiting in 97 and hear that it is bad and from the news it really sad.” (Insert a big old sigh and two expletives right here).

Everyone is entitled to their opinions mind you, and I respect that. But my opinion of the post I copied and pasted above is that it’s all types of ignorant. I replied to his post and said what I needed to, then left him alone with his rantings. I was quick to ask him about his “ if Jamaica was different” statement, and his reply was, “you dont hear about all the killings there?” I didn’t reply, it didn’t make sense-too easy.

There are many who feel the same way about our beautiful island, and Jamaica does have  it’s share of problems; which country doesn’t? But from the mere fact he started his post with “what’s happening here in the states” is him admitting that much like Jamaica, America has it’s share of issues as well. Mentioning that he has been living in the US for 33 years, and haven’t been on the island since ’97 disqualifies him as a critic. That’s how I feel. I know I don’t need to put my finger in boiling water to know that it’s hot, but this man and other Jamaicans like him tick me off with their “opinions”. Instead of listening to gossip about your island and your people, why don’t you just visit and see for yourselves. Oh my bad…someone told you that you’d be robbed and killed before you left the airport. What a pity…you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Obviously this man (and many like him), wouldn’t have even given Jamaica a second thought if all was cozy in America. Nuh badda wid it…….y’all don’t get to USE wi island. No waggonist to this………it’s all or nothing. If a ‘Merica unnu seh, stick with it, but you don’t get to flip flop. Besides, you can love and appreciate both countries you know. Duh!

Many like me have lived in the US for more than half our lives, and have never spoken ill or thought ill of our island. We pay frequent visits, and get involved in the lives of the citizens who are less fortunate, and stay up to date with the happenings. (Before I get emails cussing me out let me state-no, I am not saying everyone in Jamaica is less fortunate. Please read with comprehension) Many (like me), have even moved back home and have absolutely no regrets.

Let me also place another post I saw on my timeline earlier right here- “I love the US, but I also love mi born land Jamaica. If a gun fi kill me, I rather ded at home.”

Many share that sentiment…many don’t. Bottom-line is, please don’t disrespect Jamaica okay? It’s not a good look and y’all should be ashamed. You have the right to feel the way you want to feel, but it shouldn’t be off of what other people told you, formulate your opinion based on your personal experiences. If you don’t want to ever set foot on Jamaican soil again, that’s also your right but please, do not turn your back when things are well where you are, then when the bottom drop out you suddenly remember the green, gold, and black.

I will be watching this bredrin like a hawk come Olympics time……….(a who can petty like me?)




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  1. Miriam says:

    I totally agree with this. I know a lot of these types

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