It’s in His Kiss



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Ladies admit it, we all want the same thing from our men-loyalty, love, attention, and some good good, rip up the sheet, bruk up headboard and bite up the pillow sex! If this isn’t true for you, maybe I’m just speaking for myself. (You need to get checked cause you’re obviously not normal).

Some men brag about being a ladies man-you know the self-proclaimed galiss; but the same way women are cautioned not to brag about their sexual prowess, it’s the same way I’d like to warm some a unnu galiss to check with a female (or two) to see just how well your bedroom skills are meeting the mark.

Roses, candy, dates, remembering anniversaries and all the money in the world will not stop your girl from straying if you’re incapable of fulfilling all her needs. When I say all, I mean all!

The time some of you men tek a run ‘roun with ten girls, you’d chill with one and get it right. The sex mi a talk…get that right! Most men when they hear the word sex think immediately about penetration. Newsflash fellows, there’s plenty to do before you get to the actual intercourse. Let’s start from a basic touch! Gently caressing the small of a woman’s back the right way has the potential to do more than your penis ever could; but you have to follow-through.

How’s your kissing game, fellows? We women are wired with a built-in super power that lets us know within thirty seconds of seeing you if we’re going to be sharing the goody with you. It’s that quick! If you know how to kiss a woman right-gently-passionately-lovingly, you’ll have her forgetting about all the other men she’s ever had in her sights. (Believe me fellows, no matter how good you think you are-women always have an eye out). If you’re a player, your girl is probably a coach!

We believe in love and y’all do too fellows. Stop acting like you don’t because we know you do. You want the same thing from us that we want from you-some are just too scared to be open about it.

I’m not picking on you fellows, mi love unnu bad; i’m just saying. Ladies the same goes for us; it’s give and take. The same way we want to be satisfied, it’s the same way men wanna be satisfied. Some a unnu female a stress out the man dem and a search them phone when unnu need fi search for a pot and cook sup’n. Not saying cooking is women’s work, but if you don’t take care of your man, you best believe some other woman will. How about cooking with your man? Start the romance from the kitchen and wherever it ends up it ends up. #BigPeopleSometing

Do remember ladies, it’s in his kiss! The next time you’re booed up with that special someone, pay close attention to the way he kisses you (or not). Kisses speak volumes. What’s yours saying?

  • Jamaican patois is prevalent in my post, so grab a dictionary or ask your dear Jamaican friend. It’s likely you’re already sleeping with one!



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3 Responses to It’s in His Kiss

  1. Audra says:

    Yes Lord lol

  2. Audra says:

    oh yes, the kiss. He’s got to be good at that

  3. Jilann says:

    Lmao If you’re a player, your girl is probably a coach!

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