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We Are Jamaicans

We are a people who name our children Sandra and Delroy but call them Erica and Tony. Continue reading

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Delus’ Tribute to J. Capri-“Gone Too Soon”

Reggae/dancehall artist Delus paid tribute to J. Capri in a special way, by writing and recording a song dedicated to her memory called “Gone Too Soon” for City Rock Entertainment. Continue reading

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Anti-Social Media

Rumors are started, built and carried away on social media and very few read anything with comprehension. Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy Is Unbearable-RIP Delus

I see media houses who shunned him and his music up in arms this morning. Dem a “grieve” and have the most wonderful things to say about Delus and his music. All that is great, but why wasn’t he told and shown all this love when he was alive? Continue reading

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