Delus’ Tribute to J. Capri-“Gone Too Soon”


On December 4th, 2015, news that twenty-three year old dancehall diva J. Capri passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident, rocked the entire music fraternity and fans alike. Fans and artists took to social media to express their sorrow, as well as to offer condolences to her family and friends. Reggae/dancehall artist Delus paid tribute to J. Capri in a special way, by writing and recording a song dedicated to her memory called “Gone Too Soon” for City Rock Entertainment.

The track now available on iTunes was released last week, just days prior to the reggae/dancehall community once again receiving shocking news, this time that Delus had committed suicide.



Listening to the lyrics makes my heart hurt…nah lie. Listen for yourselves and remember to love one another. You never know what someone might be going through.

RIP J. Capri

RIP Delus


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