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Reggae music has had many superstars– from the iconic Bob Marley to Toots and the Maytals,  from Shaggy to Sean Paul – but what New Millennium Reggae needs more than another superstar is a superhero; or in this case a Super-Publicist.

Steeped in the culture and tradition of Reggae for over three decades, Shilo Evans was born and groomed for the challenge of reintroducing Reggae’s greatness to the world. 

 What uniquely qualifies Shilo for superhero status is her authenticity, commitment, and determination. She is real. Shilo represents Reggae music because she loves it to the core of her being. Her uncompromising honesty and undying loyalty, both uncommon in the music business, and for this very reason she has been both admired and scorned by some of the greatest names in the industry. But since flowing against the tide is commonplace for her, redirecting the course of today’s mainstream is a task made just for Shilo. 

In the winter of 1979, when Shilo arrived in New York City the cold, gray, unwelcoming streets of 
Brooklyn stood in stark contrast to the lush green parish of Manchester, Jamaica where she was born. She missed her home desperately and set out on a campaign of constant tears to prove it. Finally, after two weeks straight of crying it was her big brother Claude who decided to shake her out of it. With Bob Marley blasting on his sound system he coaxed her out of her room and into his world of music. 

By 1980 her same brother, now known to the world as Super Claude of Afrique Soundsation, was 
spinning for sound systems around NYC. At sixteen years old Shilo was once even granted a turn at mixing down Reggae hits at the Starlite Ballroom. “I remember being in the presence of Johnny Ringo many, many times, and being in awe of his skill. Peter Metro, Zuzu, Lecturer, Baby Wayne, Toyan, Tiger, Alton Black, Yellowman, 12-year old Beenie Man, Mumma Nancy, Lady Ann, Beres Hammond, Shabba Ranks and Super Cat. I could list names from now till morning.” These encounters were seeds that grew into her vision and expectations for Reggae. “Attending high school with greats like Screechy Dan, James Bond, Tony English, Trevor Sparks, and down the street from the Ruff Entry Crew—Redd Foxx, Rayvon and Shaggy further sealed my destiny”, Shilo reminisces. Though she spent much of the 90’s starting her family, she was still very much plugged into the music. 

The New Millennium brought new opportunities and new challenges for a genre still searching for a 
permanent place in the mainstream. The Internet was still a toddler when Shilo decided to step up and do what she could with what she had—a head full of knowledge, a camera full of photos, and an opinion. In 2001, Shilo created a website called CelebrityPlus.Net; its motto was simple – “God First and all else after”. Words Shilo exemplifies every day. CelebrityPlus was born because outside of staple players like Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Burning Spear and Shaggy, mainstream America had no idea what was bubbling just under the surface of Reggae music. CelebrityPlus was all about moving the music, the culture, and the artists forward. The “Plus” in CelebrityPlus highlighted anyone doing positive, notable activities in the community to help others, because to Shilo these were the true celebs.

CelebrityPlus.Net became a clearinghouse of all things Reggae. People could log on and find out all types 
of personal trivia about their favorite artist and see truly exclusive all-access photos from backstage or the artist’s living room. With viewers from as far away as Japan and Gambia, Shilo’s homegrown site, built in public libraries, Laundromats or any venue with internet access, hit over one million unique visitors in less than seven months. She only populated her site with photos that she personally snapped on her Sony digital camera – which back then used floppy disks.

She travelled all over the US 
to concerts, stage shows, and recording studios so she could bring the real deal to the masses. She featured artists who, though popular in Jamaica, were unknown to the world. Artists like Blak Ryno found new audiences thanks to CelebrityPlus. It was Shilo who first featured a 19 year-old crooner named Gyptian on her site, and then subsequently worked with Solar Entertainment to get him to the States to meet his new fans. Artists like Bascom X, I –Wayne, Ky-Enie and Fantan Mojah all got the same placement and equal billing on her site alongside Elephant Man or diamond-selling Shaggy .

As technology progressed, Shilo kept pace becoming the “social media queen”. It may just be true 
that she single-handedly introduced MySpace.com to the Caribbean community. Shilo, as verified by Tom, created the most Artist Pages in the history of the site. Gyptian’s MySpace page alone got over two hundred thousand views in less than eight months. Shilo pioneered the Profile Picture-based marketing message by having all of her friends, which numbered in the thousands, change their profile picture to the “Shottas” poster while she was working with Sony Pictures and director Cess Silvera on the North American theatrical release of the movie “Shottas” in 2006.

Then she pioneered the “Team” concept while promoting Ky-mani Marley’s album, “Radio”. She created Team Ky-mani and launched a grassroots movement of friends telling friends who told friends to go out and support the album. Shilo’s impressive gains as a publicist soon found her being consulted by Ali of the St. Lunatics on behalf of rappers Nelly and Murphy Lee on a Reggae collaboration project, though it never ultimately took place. 

Soon full time publicist duties put a strain on CelebrityPlus.Net and Shilo decided to retire the website to 
focus on the individual needs of her fast-growing client list. After sponsoring the CelebrityFest Part 1 and Part 2 stage shows in Orlando, Florida in 2007 and 2008, respectively, Shilo decided to return to her roots. In 2009 Shilo began throwing an annual birthday party 
at the Hellshire Beach home of client and friend Bascom X. Now artists and friends fly in from all around the world to celebrate the life of this amazing woman.

Today, in 2012, over a decade after its original launch, Shilo is preparing for the re-launch of her famed 
website, CelebrityPlus.Net. With the same God-fearing principles that brought her initial success, plus some added bonus features, Shilo is set to once again sculpt the worldwide perception of Reggae music. 

Shilo Evans, single mother of four will never say this journey has been easy, but she will tell you it has 
been worth it. The personal and professional slights, the copyright infringement and under appreciation can all be countered by the good times, great memories, amazing wisdom and lasting friendships gained over the years. In 1979 Reggae music saved Shilo’s life, and she’s been repaying the favour ever since.

14 Responses to CelebrityPlus/Shilo

  1. Carline says:

    Your love of the culture brought you to your destiny. Continue to grow brand and flourish into what God has created just for you.. Mumma Shilo to di wurl….

  2. Namnin_BPrincess says:

    Showcasing your culture with pride and integrity I believe is one of your mission in life.

  3. Chase Mariposa says:

    Shilo always moving forward! Love and Light Sis!

  4. Ebony Eyezz says:

    Bless up Mumma and your reconnection with Celebrity Plus… Again. 😊 a site where you can catch up and inquire about new artistes as well as the veterans.
    More Life- More Love- More Prosperity. Nuff love sis..:

  5. Junior x says:

    Only four words “Shilo is the best” ….

  6. Kaydeno says:

    Thanks shilo you will always be the best


    Much love and blessings SHILO and good luck with your hard work bless up

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