Ramone “out &” Bad

The island of Barbados has never been synonymous with hip hop music, but as the saying goes, there is a first time for everything. 
Born Ramon Eastmond (January 1st, 1987) in St George, Barbados, Ramone Bad whose moniker refers to his lyrical prowess, was captivated by music since childhood. Although all genres got his attention, it was the hip hop genre that piqued and held his interest.
Ramone who describes his music as “hip hop/caribbean fused” does not care to be placed in a box, labeled, or bound to any genre. He enjoys all music including reggae and dancehall, and refers to the drum and bass genre as “my next go-to”. Hip hop, however, is his passion! “A light switch went on when I listened to DMX’ Flesh of my Flesh intro and album. Pac, Busta Rhymes and Biggie are all great hip hop legends who I listened to growing up, but it was DMX’ music that inspired me to write and want to pursue a career in hip hop.”
As a teenager Ramone was mentored by Strat Carter, a local producer from St James, Barbados who also produced Ramone’s first official hip hop track, “Leave That Boy Alone”.  Teransu Kuraaku, another producer Ramone worked with and recorded for helped to instill confidence in the young artiste, and taught him the importance of incorporating melody in his delivery.
In 2010 Ramone migrated to Canada where he resided for three years and continued writing, recording and performing. It was while living in Canada that his music was heard by a mutual friend of Black Tiger Music’ president, Warwrick Reid, who thought an introduction should be made between the US-based label and Ramone.
In 2016 Ramone was flown to the US and so began his relationship with Black Tiger Music who would later sign the artiste to a management contract. The first stop for Ramone under Black Tiger’s management was the Street Exec’s Studio located in Atlanta, Georgia, where he recorded two tracks for renowned producer Chill Go Hard slated for release later this year.
In 2020, Ramone Bad who has a plethora of music ready for the airwaves, has kicked off the spring with the release of two singles distributed by Black Tiger Music. On March 27th, Ramone’s single “Death of Me”, produced by Strat Carter, a poignant track dedicated to his late grandfather who passed away suddenly was released. “Life is short, go for your goals and try to achieve all you can before your time comes,” says Ramone when asked about the significance of the track. On May 1st, “Doing My Thang”, a club-banger which was also produced by Strat Carter was released. With no intention of slowing down, Black Tiger Music aims to follow up the aforementioned singles with the release of “Lion Heart” on June 26th, an inspirational track which encourages inner strength, and produced by Teransu Kuraaku.
Ramone Bad has evolved musically over the years and this reflects in his new music, style, and delivery. As the saying goes, “those who wish to sing always finds a song”, this artiste is motivated by life, is never short on lyrics and is determined to be heard. This mutitalented artiste spits witty, reality-based, hard-hitting lyrics with the same passion he uses to serenade the fairer sex. His calm, smooth-as-silk delivery makes Ramone a force in the industry.
Many artistes chose music, but after listening to Ramone’s effortless flow and lyrical content it’s clear to see music chose him. As a rapper, songwriter and performer Ramone Bad is that triple threat we rarely see in the industry today.
Hip hop music may have originated in the urban areas of the United States, but Glebe Land, Barbados has an official representative for the genre and hip hop fans worldwide have good reason to be excited.

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