Ky-mani Marley & Children For Change – Revitalization Project



The Love Over All Foundation created by Ky-mani Marley son of Reggae Icon Bob Marley,  is a non-profit organization catering to the upliftment of children and entire communities.

Ky-mani, born in Falmouth, Trelawny, a parish located in northwest Jamaica, has always been passionate about returning to his birthplace and assisting the residents in his community. Walking the walk, Ky-mani has teamed up with another non-profit organization called Children For Change, on the Falmouth Community Center Revitalization Project.

“Improvements will include installation of a playground, creation of additional practice fields for an intramural sports program and turning the existing building into a youth activity center offering access to creative and educational programs such as; music classes, art classes, a computer lab with onsite tutoring sessions, educational seminars and much more.  The community center will also be home to the Falmouth United Football Club, which will be competing competitively in the region.

This revitalization project will not only enrich the lives of the youth in Trelawny but it will also help strengthen the community as a whole as it helps contribute to the economic development of the entire area.”

Says Ky-mani,  “My foundation (Love Over All), teamed up with Children For Change and we’ve been working for a couple a months on rebuilding the community center in Falmouth. We’ve accomplished a lot so far, but we have a long way to go. What do we need? We need everything. Computers, large appliances, furniture, equipment, everything. We also need donations, and no donation is too small.”

A rebuilding project of this magnitude is no doubt a costly undertaking. If anyone would like to contribute, there is a link below to an already established funding page.

“Each one help one”…


#KeepKidsOffTheStreet #Aim #CommunityBenefits






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