It’s in His Kiss



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Ladies admit it, we all want the same thing from our men-loyalty, love, attention, and some good good, rip up the sheet, bruk up headboard and bite up the pillow sex! If this isn’t true for you, maybe I’m just speaking for myself. (You need to get checked cause you’re obviously not normal).

Some men brag about being a ladies man-you know the self-proclaimed galiss; but the same way women are cautioned not to brag about their sexual prowess, it’s the same way I’d like to warm some a unnu galiss to check with a female (or two) to see just how well your bedroom skills are meeting the mark.

Roses, candy, dates, remembering anniversaries and all the money in the world will not stop your girl from straying if you’re incapable of fulfilling all her needs. When I say all, I mean all!

The time some of you men tek a run ‘roun with ten girls, you’d chill with one and get it right. The sex mi a talk…get that right! Most men when they hear the word sex think immediately about penetration. Newsflash fellows, there’s plenty to do before you get to the actual intercourse. Let’s start from a basic touch! Gently caressing the small of a woman’s back the right way has the potential to do more than your penis ever could; but you have to follow-through.

How’s your kissing game, fellows? We women are wired with a built-in super power that lets us know within thirty seconds of seeing you if we’re going to be sharing the goody with you. It’s that quick! If you know how to kiss a woman right-gently-passionately-lovingly, you’ll have her forgetting about all the other men she’s ever had in her sights. (Believe me fellows, no matter how good you think you are-women always have an eye out). If you’re a player, your girl is probably a coach!

We believe in love and y’all do too fellows. Stop acting like you don’t because we know you do. You want the same thing from us that we want from you-some are just too scared to be open about it.

I’m not picking on you fellows, mi love unnu bad; i’m just saying. Ladies the same goes for us; it’s give and take. The same way we want to be satisfied, it’s the same way men wanna be satisfied. Some a unnu female a stress out the man dem and a search them phone when unnu need fi search for a pot and cook sup’n. Not saying cooking is women’s work, but if you don’t take care of your man, you best believe some other woman will. How about cooking with your man? Start the romance from the kitchen and wherever it ends up it ends up. #BigPeopleSometing

Do remember ladies, it’s in his kiss! The next time you’re booed up with that special someone, pay close attention to the way he kisses you (or not). Kisses speak volumes. What’s yours saying?

  • Jamaican patois is prevalent in my post, so grab a dictionary or ask your dear Jamaican friend. It’s likely you’re already sleeping with one!


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Ky-mani Marley & Children For Change – Revitalization Project



The Love Over All Foundation created by Ky-mani Marley son of Reggae Icon Bob Marley,  is a non-profit organization catering to the upliftment of children and entire communities.

Ky-mani, born in Falmouth, Trelawny, a parish located in northwest Jamaica, has always been passionate about returning to his birthplace and assisting the residents in his community. Walking the walk, Ky-mani has teamed up with another non-profit organization called Children For Change, on the Falmouth Community Center Revitalization Project.

“Improvements will include installation of a playground, creation of additional practice fields for an intramural sports program and turning the existing building into a youth activity center offering access to creative and educational programs such as; music classes, art classes, a computer lab with onsite tutoring sessions, educational seminars and much more.  The community center will also be home to the Falmouth United Football Club, which will be competing competitively in the region.

This revitalization project will not only enrich the lives of the youth in Trelawny but it will also help strengthen the community as a whole as it helps contribute to the economic development of the entire area.”

Says Ky-mani,  “My foundation (Love Over All), teamed up with Children For Change and we’ve been working for a couple a months on rebuilding the community center in Falmouth. We’ve accomplished a lot so far, but we have a long way to go. What do we need? We need everything. Computers, large appliances, furniture, equipment, everything. We also need donations, and no donation is too small.”

A rebuilding project of this magnitude is no doubt a costly undertaking. If anyone would like to contribute, there is a link below to an already established funding page.

“Each one help one”…


#KeepKidsOffTheStreet #Aim #CommunityBenefits





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Introducing Amir

IMG_5079l told you Gyptian, I Wayne, Bascom X, Blak Ryno and Fantan Mojah would become superstars, didn’t I? Well, read on:
There has never been a shortage of talented youths in Jamaica, and throughout the years the reggae/dancehall genre has seen it’s fair share of young superstars.
Born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine,  Amir spent his early years in Ocho Rios St. Ann under the tutelage of his father Edgar, who is no stranger to the genre being also a songwriter/musician.  Amir’s passion for music runs deep-blood deep. His grandfather Ken Fyffe is a member of the legendary Congos Ashanti music group, and veteran dancehall artist Lady G is his aunt.
In 2006 at a mere eleven years old after performing at the then annual Portmore Awards show,  Amir caught the attention of veteran artists Sizzla and Bounty Killer who also performed at the event. “Sizzla sent someone to call me and I was shocked, but excited. I was wondering why he was calling me, but when I went to him he told me I was a great artist. I was honored because of the respect I have for him. While speaking to Sizzla, Bounty Killer, an artist who I also look up to and who was close by, remarked that he thought I was a bad dj, and they both encouraged me to pursue my career.” Amir adopted the moniker Dadda as his stage name, and wasted no time making a name for himself.
Amir pursued his career in dancehall with singles such as “Dress Right” and “Guns”, the latter produced by G.T. Taylor which scored a number one for young Amir in France. No stranger to the stage, Amir has performed on the major shows in Jamaica; all before the age of fifteen. His first significant performance came at an invitation from Bounty Killer to grace the stage with the legendary artist at “Fully Loaded”. This was a break for Amir, who has also performed with Sizzla, his grandfather, and his aunt Lady G on several different events across the island. “Champions In Action”, the final staging of “Reggae Sunsplash”, “Reggae Sumfest”, and “G.T. Taylor’s Extravaganza” (the latter he performed four years consecutively), are just a few of the events Amir, then known as Dadda was a part of.
Several singles were released by Amir and collaborations done with artists such as Zamunda, all while traveling across the Caribbean showcasing his natural talents and lyrical prowess. Sponsored by FireWheel in Germany, “Pencil Over Gun” was a project dear to Amir’s heart, because even as a child, the plight of the impoverished children of Jamaica was a major concern for the young dj. This non-profit event provided back to school items for various communities across the island. “My advice to my peers is, stay focused, be grateful and make good use of every moment in your life, ” says Amir.
In 2017 the artist is poised to reclaim his place in the spotlight with two new singles “The Topic”  and “Right Conclusion”. With an upcoming EP set for release in spring 2018,  Amir is in the capable hands of Til Shilo Promotions, the company who introduced and publicized reggae crooner Gyptian to mainstream.
Amir at twenty-two years old has seen his fair share of injustice, joy and suffering which inspires the lyrics in his songs. Embracing the principles of the Rastafarian movement, Amir who was inspired by, Dennis Brown, Bounty Killer, Bob Marley and Sizzla to name a few, gives thanks to God, and his family and friends for their “unwavering support and love..”
Being active on social media, fans can keep up with Amir who personally checks all his accounts. “I love my fans and the people who support me,” says Amir.” 2017 and beyond looks bright for this young superstar, who after being successful in the industry for more than a decade, seems to be just getting started.
IG: @1amirmuzik
Phone: 1-876-327-3011

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Stephen Marley Is A Genius

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It’s been a long time coming but more than worth the wait. Perfection CANNOT be rushed!

Revelation Pt. ll “The Fruit Of Life”,  Stephen “Ragga” Marley’s highly anticipated album, touch the road last week to the delight of fans like me across the globe. You know I never get too technical with anything, I just speak my truth and keep it moving.

So simply put, this album is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Revelation Pt. l “The Root Of Life”, Ragga’s album prior to this, won him another well-deserved Grammy. After listening to “The Fruit”, he might as well reserve a spot on the shelf from now for another one in February.

I have never listened to artists such as Woka Flocka Flame, Iggy Azalea or Pitbull prior to this album. Sure I know of them, I just never figured their music would be my taste. That’s how you know Stephen is a great Producer, ’cause he sure opened my eyes by bridging the musical gap in my world. #StayOpenminded

With the exception of “Walking Away” which showcases the Lion’s softer side, and “It’s Alright”, the entire album is filled with collaborations which will keep you moving & get you thinking. “Tonight” an uptempo party track feat. Iggy Azalea, Woka Flocka & DJ. Khaled have me in ya a wine up miself everyday.

“Babylon” (feat. Junior Reid & Dead Prez) hits hard, “The Lion Roars” (feat. Rick Ross & Ky-mani Marley) makes me tear up, “So Strong” (feat. Shaggy) with Cedella Marley killing the vocals sweetly stays on repeat, and “Pleasure Or Pain” (feat. Busta Rhymes & Konshens) is smooth! Damn!

I don’t want to go itemizing the tracks as I don’t intend to write more than this. All I came here to say was, this album is a masterpiece heading towards a classic. Stephen is a perfectionist and a musical genius, and no one who is fair could ever listen to this record and deny him that.

I love lyrics:

“Father of the man”…Stephen Marley….basically, the person you are now is shaping who you will be.

“Weight on my shoulder but my heart is free”.. Stephen Marley….don’t internalize stress mi people

“They crash the economy like a vehicle”…Bounty Killer

“She walk with me through the fire & love is all she require”…Ky-mani Marley

“…and what’s it all for I don’t know…but it must be said, just so you know…that it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright”…Stephen Marley ………don’t stress unnu self

“Yu have some man come a dance wid a pocket full a lint an cannot purchase a Guinness or two icy mint, and still stay the distance, from music a play dem nuh rispanz.” Jr. Gong…Maddd!!!

“Girl anytime that yu need me call, even if a middle a di night”…Shaggy … memba!

“Got to widen yu views got to broaden yu mind”…Sizzla

“Machine that gives us abundance have left us in want.” “Liberty will never perish.” “You are not machines, you are men.” “Let us all unite, let us fight for a new world.” …Charlie Chaplin … Intro

Get your copy everywhere…


Track List:

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Babylon (feat. Junior Reid & Dead Prez)
  • 3. Revelation Party (feat. Jo Mersa Marley)
  • 4. So Unjust (feat. Rakim and Kardinal Offishall)
  • 5. Prelude
  • 6. Walking Away
  • 7. The Lion Roars (feat. Rick Ross and Ky-mani Marley)
  • 8. Scars On My Feet (featuring Waka Flocka Flame)
  • 9. Pleasure Or Pain (featuring Busta Rhymes & Konshens)
  • 10. Perfect Picture (feat. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley)
  • 11. Father Of The Man (feat. Nina Simone & Wyclef Jean)
  • 12. Music Is Alive (feat. Pain Killer & Damian Jr. Gong Marley)
  • 13. So Strong (feat. Shaggy) … Cedella Marley killing the harmony-Madd!
  • 14. Thorn Or A Rose (feat. Black Thought)
  • 15. Paradise (feat. Twista & Jasmin Karma)
  • 16. Tonight (It’s A Party) (feat. DJ Khaled, Waka Flocka Flame & Iggy Azalea)
  • 17. Ghetto Boy (feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra)
  • 18. Rock Stone (feat. Capleton and Sizzla)
  • 19. When She Dances (feat. Pitbull) (album has three mixes)
  • 20. It’s Alright
  • 21. Outro


Social Media Links:


IG & Twitter: @stephenmarley


“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”…Tuff Gong Bob Marley


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Girl Please…Sit Yo Behind Down


“People make the world go ’round” is true, but I find pretentious individuals highly irritating. Don’t you wish the world would “go ‘roun” and let some of them off? Well I do.

Let’s talk about some of these holier than thou females for a minute. You know, the ones who act as if they can’t mash ants, who turn their noses up at other females, yet behind closed doors they are some straight up freaks.

I am not condoning promiscuity, infidelity or any sort of licentious behavior, but I am saying that some a unnu need fi stop passing judgement on others, cause you’re not as ‘untainted’ as you like to pretend.

I know this woman by the name of Missy (name switch), and I respect her for one main reason, she keeps it REAL- I respect real. She is a “ho” and she doe care one damn. She will look you dead in the eye and tell you exactly what she did, where she did it and with whom. Most females who know her try to keep Missy away from their men…good luck with that. She loves sex, she is promiscuous, and as she puts it, she wears her “pum pum” pon har forehead. Can’t get any realer than that.

You may want to condemn Missy for the way she live her life, since many are judge and jury bout ya, but I won’t. At least with Missy you know exactly who you’re getting as an associate, as she does not put on airs and keeps her thing, well…real! You know, that same ‘real’ that some of these females out here pretend to be. (#SuperciliousMuch). Missy is kind, honest and speaks from the heart. Her crotch activities have nothing to do with her giving nature (no pun intended). She’s just a real genuine down to earth person.

I have been called a lot of things (usually behind my back), and all the talking mean nothing to me as I have certain principles to which I adhere. I have never been a sex crazed person, and sleeping with people man is not my thing. Lusting a nuh my ting……..being underhanded and classless a nuh my ting. When I am in a relationship I am completely devoted. Loyalty is a Taurus trait and I do not know how to be any other way.  If I see someone to whom I am attracted, I would be the first to admit it. Why the hell not? Mi nuh look people man, mi nuh lay myself careless fi people man look me, I do not try to “tempt” a man in any way, and I do not need to dress provocatively for attention. I am  more than secure in my womanhood and need no validation from anyone. #SecureMuch

There are some sneaky, insecure little heifers who enjoy running around telling tall tales. Then you have their hangers on who live for gossip and drama, as their lives much like their gossiping ‘friends’,  are also unfulfilled and devoid of purpose.

Missy is one type of female, and I am another. The “other” females on the planet do not like our personalities and will do anything in their power to try to defame. You know why? It’s simple…some of these weak-minded chicks envy the strength of our personalities. Missy is a proud self-proclaimed ho who is strong in her own right. Strong enough to be who she is whether we agree with her lifestyle or not. How she lives her life does not affect me so why should I care what she does? “What you see is what you get.” She knows how to “keep it real,” & like the saying goes, “only God can judge her.”

I’d rather have one genuine person I can call a friend with Missy’s personality, than a thousand of these sneaky little bitches, who love to smile and quote The Buddha, while looking for a space on your back to stab. Walking around with their noses in the air talking about, their pride in self and ancestry, their academic accomplishments, their happy life and lifestyles, but neglecting the clothespin portion. You know…when men squeeze dem head like a clothespin and dem legs fly open. I detest a pretentious wretch…..especially the ones who tek more man than the army then quick fi judge people like Missy. The ones who breed every two months fi people man, wash out the belly, then criticize those who have more more than two children. I could talk about the ones who a pretty up themselves with dem lethal diseases, but I will hold that for another blog. #GwaanDrawMiOut

I am the other type of woman that a huge percentage of the female population scorns. I am strong, determined, enigmatic, independent, loyal, trustworthy, reliable, yet soft and mushy on the inside. Ha…come to think of it, I would hate me too if I were some of you. I’ll leave me right here…

I know more than two handfuls of “ladies” who are dirty and simply disgusting. Not so much for the things they do, but for the way they pretend to not do the things they do. How can you THEN have the audacity to cast judgement on the character of others.

Looka here…it’s simple-Live in love and be real with your mess. Live the life you want to live and leave others to live the way they choose. Above all, please stop all the lies. I don’t like or respect anyone who creates mischief by spreading rumors, but I detest even more the idiots who are quick to believe just about anything they hear about others. Ever notice how the good things that others do is rarely highlighted? How sick is that!

What you see in others is a reflection of you. Careful the things you are quick to talk about and listen to…it says more about you than you may think. And remember one more thing…when you tell tales and try to tarnish the reputation of another, yet your potential ‘victim’ remains silent, it’s not because this person is afraid to defend themself-it’s because it’s wiser this way. Leave the lie(s) floating around and watch who is quick to believe. The ones who hop on are the ones who need to be out of your life. Besides…when accused, you should never try to prove your innocence…the burden of proof always lies with the accuser.

So yeah……………..I’ll be back!

“Judge not lest ye be judged”…The Bible



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Hit Me With Music

Thank goodness for YouTube.

I love music and listen to music in my sleep. Serious ting! I fall asleep with music on and rise with a song in my head. Usually something sexy…oftentimes culturally based. From Motown hits (Ahh Sam Cooke) to rock, or reggae/dancehall…I don’t discriminate. If it sounds good, I’ll work with it.

Boredom set in today as I watched my gran baby sleep, so I decided to pop in the ear buds and do one of the things I do best…search YouTube for a few of my faves that will never get stale…then share. I only added some of the ones I listen regularly, because if I were to list all my faves this page would never load. Here they are in no particular order. I hope you like ’em.

  1. Queen Ifrica-I love “Below The Waist” because I can actually relate 🙂 Boom tune!!!

2. Busy Signal“Comfort Zone”. Busy, da tune yah bad. What’s not to love? The man seh he believes in love, and every time im leave im dying fi come back home. “…an even if a dream mi a dream mi nuh waa wake up!”… Song yah will never get stale. #Timeless

3. Buju Banton-“Cry No More” will always be one of my favorite Gargamel tunes. Jah know Buju…we cry for the I everyday. #MissHimMUCH

4. Iba Mahr feat. Tarrus Riley-This “Diamond Sox” remix & video makes me happy lol. I feel as if someone transported me back to the good ole days of dancehall. Venue included. #Vibes

5. Jesse Royal-The man a sing bout the “two side cutlass” dem…the “Modern Day Judas”. What’s not to like? #BigTune

6. Stephen & Damian Marley-This song and video takes me to my happy place. Cyah tyad a it.  Which woman nuh waa get knock out in bed till dem cyah revive? Madd! “All Night” full a vibes and the video captures the essence of Jamaica. #Timeless #Joyful

7. Jah9-Well sah, I must say I have this video on repeat every time I hit YouTube. The song sweet and the video captures so much natural beauty. From the surroundings to the gorgeous kings and beautiful sisters in their element. No batty riders or batty shaking…just royal beauty. Plus which woman nuh love size 14? I too have a fondness for “Avocado”… 🙂 #LoveThis

8. Jah Cure“Life We Live”. I love me some Jah Cure, and I love everything about this video. The ‘out of many one people’ definitely reps in this one. “Natural mystic is in the air, Bob Marley seh have no fear…everything is gonna be alright!” #ItsTheCure

9. Little Hero-Little Twitch-General Trees-Live Dancehall

Oh the vibes….check this out people. Madd! Now this is dancehall. #Legendary

10. Chronixx & Kabaka Pyramid-“Mi Alright”…oh yeah! Giving The Most High praises all day.

11. Sizzla“Holding Firm” is my motto. #ClassicKalongi

12. Stephen Marley-I listen to this song so much even my children know it by heart. There is just something about this cover of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Pale Moonlight” that grabs me in my chest each time I listen to it. The only problem I find with it is the length. It is way too short. (My greedy ass). I need this song to have been about six minutes to ratid. The Ragga deal wid it so soulfully, it’s hard to play it once and be done. I had the pleasure of hearing Stephen and his band perform this live recently, and I thought this is it…I have lived. Yeah man…love this song bad bad bad! #GeniusAtWork

13. Cham-It’s not just culture and lovey dovey songs…I also like a bit of naughty in the mix as well.  Cham has a way of being suggestive without being lewd. This happens to be one of my wine up miself and gwaan bad song. Rayyy! “Back Way” a dweet!

14. Lenny Kravitz – “Fly Away” is my all time favorite road trip song. There is just something about traveling way over the speed limit with this tune blasting through the speakers. Seven Mile Bridge heading to Key West, and that long stretch through Virginia are two of my favorite “fly away” spots. When Leonard performed this at Webster Hall last year I was in hog heaven. Watching him live was one thing…telling him how much dem tune yah mean to me in person was-#priceless! I am envisioning a dancehall remix. Hey, I can dream!


Buju BantonZoom Zoom/Ride This…(yes please)

Let me just leave this right here…

Yu tink Buju easy? Dwl…unnu leggo di Banton!

So there you have it. It’s good to be bored sometimes.

Thanks to all the artists around the world for all the great music. You put my life to riddim.





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You Have No Say-Shut It


I was so sure I would be sleeping in this morning. I hadn’t planned on social “media-ing” today, but with all that has been happening lately, I figured I should at least log on and see what was up. I like to get my news from the real people on Instagram and Facebook because it’s uncensored, so I logged on. #ShouldaWentBackToBed

I like positive vibes mi people, and a peaceful spirit. Smelling the flowers, living in love and all that hippie stuff. I relish my happy place which is inside me, and I don’t like anything or anyone to draw me out or attempt to. I am a passionate person, and that Simeon who will fight to the death for those I love, and for the causes in which I believe. I can’t help it, blame my tribe if you want to blame someone. #MyAncestry

I put God first, then my children, my family, the friends I consider family, and those with whom I associate, after. I am also extremely passionate about that little island sitting almost in the center of the Caribbean Sea, and I get heated and ready fi fight the minute I hear anyone speaking ill of my birthplace. Jamaica is where my heart is, and if it a sink…I will sink with it. It irks me when foreigners speak ill of my island, but when Jamaicans (especially those who migrated and throw stone behind them) talk ill of Jamaica mi blood boil.

If you are a Jamaican living in Jamaica and want to talk up about certain issues here, I get it and agree that you have all right. You’re here in Jamaica daily so you must know what you’re talking about. If you are a regular visitor to the island and wish to voice your opinion on issues here because you have first-hand experience, by all means talk up. However, if you were born in Jamaica, migrated to some foreign country, became a citizen of that country, and in thirty-three years have never been back to Jamaica, please let me invite you to shut the hell up and stop chat! You nuh have nuh talk. Mi nuh waa hear nutten you haffi seh, plus mi nuh deal wid hear-say…and you shouldn’t either!!!

So there I was on Facebook, scrolling the news feed and came across a post that read: “With all that’s happening here in the states, I would go back to Jamaica but if Jamaica was different. as you reach them ready to kill you. I have been here 33 years and I havent been there since visiting in 97 and hear that it is bad and from the news it really sad.” (Insert a big old sigh and two expletives right here).

Everyone is entitled to their opinions mind you, and I respect that. But my opinion of the post I copied and pasted above is that it’s all types of ignorant. I replied to his post and said what I needed to, then left him alone with his rantings. I was quick to ask him about his “ if Jamaica was different” statement, and his reply was, “you dont hear about all the killings there?” I didn’t reply, it didn’t make sense-too easy.

There are many who feel the same way about our beautiful island, and Jamaica does have  it’s share of problems; which country doesn’t? But from the mere fact he started his post with “what’s happening here in the states” is him admitting that much like Jamaica, America has it’s share of issues as well. Mentioning that he has been living in the US for 33 years, and haven’t been on the island since ’97 disqualifies him as a critic. That’s how I feel. I know I don’t need to put my finger in boiling water to know that it’s hot, but this man and other Jamaicans like him tick me off with their “opinions”. Instead of listening to gossip about your island and your people, why don’t you just visit and see for yourselves. Oh my bad…someone told you that you’d be robbed and killed before you left the airport. What a pity…you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Obviously this man (and many like him), wouldn’t have even given Jamaica a second thought if all was cozy in America. Nuh badda wid it…….y’all don’t get to USE wi island. No waggonist to this………it’s all or nothing. If a ‘Merica unnu seh, stick with it, but you don’t get to flip flop. Besides, you can love and appreciate both countries you know. Duh!

Many like me have lived in the US for more than half our lives, and have never spoken ill or thought ill of our island. We pay frequent visits, and get involved in the lives of the citizens who are less fortunate, and stay up to date with the happenings. (Before I get emails cussing me out let me state-no, I am not saying everyone in Jamaica is less fortunate. Please read with comprehension) Many (like me), have even moved back home and have absolutely no regrets.

Let me also place another post I saw on my timeline earlier right here- “I love the US, but I also love mi born land Jamaica. If a gun fi kill me, I rather ded at home.”

Many share that sentiment…many don’t. Bottom-line is, please don’t disrespect Jamaica okay? It’s not a good look and y’all should be ashamed. You have the right to feel the way you want to feel, but it shouldn’t be off of what other people told you, formulate your opinion based on your personal experiences. If you don’t want to ever set foot on Jamaican soil again, that’s also your right but please, do not turn your back when things are well where you are, then when the bottom drop out you suddenly remember the green, gold, and black.

I will be watching this bredrin like a hawk come Olympics time……….(a who can petty like me?)



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