Girl Please…Sit Yo Behind Down


“People make the world go ’round” is true, but I find pretentious individuals highly irritating. Don’t you wish the world would “go ‘roun” and let some of them off? Well I do.

Let’s talk about some of these holier than thou females for a minute. You know, the ones who act as if they can’t mash ants, who turn their noses up at other females, yet behind closed doors they are some straight up freaks.

I am not condoning promiscuity, infidelity or any sort of licentious behavior, but I am saying that some a unnu need fi stop passing judgement on others, cause you’re not as ‘untainted’ as you like to pretend.

I know this woman by the name of Missy (name switch), and I respect her for one main reason, she keeps it REAL- I respect real. She is a “ho” and she doe care one damn. She will look you dead in the eye and tell you exactly what she did, where she did it and with whom. Most females who know her try to keep Missy away from their men…good luck with that. She loves sex, she is promiscuous, and as she puts it, she wears her “pum pum” pon har forehead. Can’t get any realer than that.

You may want to condemn Missy for the way she live her life, since many are judge and jury bout ya, but I won’t. At least with Missy you know exactly who you’re getting as an associate, as she does not put on airs and keeps her thing, well…real! You know, that same ‘real’ that some of these females out here pretend to be. (#SuperciliousMuch). Missy is kind, honest and speaks from the heart. Her crotch activities have nothing to do with her giving nature (no pun intended). She’s just a real genuine down to earth person.

I have been called a lot of things (usually behind my back), and all the talking mean nothing to me as I have certain principles to which I adhere. I have never been a sex crazed person, and sleeping with people man is not my thing. Lusting a nuh my ting……..being underhanded and classless a nuh my ting. When I am in a relationship I am completely devoted. Loyalty is a Taurus trait and I do not know how to be any other way.  If I see someone to whom I am attracted, I would be the first to admit it. Why the hell not? Mi nuh look people man, mi nuh lay myself careless fi people man look me, I do not try to “tempt” a man in any way, and I do not need to dress provocatively for attention. I am  more than secure in my womanhood and need no validation from anyone. #SecureMuch

There are some sneaky, insecure little heifers who enjoy running around telling tall tales. Then you have their hangers on who live for gossip and drama, as their lives much like their gossiping ‘friends’,  are also unfulfilled and devoid of purpose.

Missy is one type of female, and I am another. The “other” females on the planet do not like our personalities and will do anything in their power to try to defame. You know why? It’s simple…some of these weak-minded chicks envy the strength of our personalities. Missy is a proud self-proclaimed ho who is strong in her own right. Strong enough to be who she is whether we agree with her lifestyle or not. How she lives her life does not affect me so why should I care what she does? “What you see is what you get.” She knows how to “keep it real,” & like the saying goes, “only God can judge her.”

I’d rather have one genuine person I can call a friend with Missy’s personality, than a thousand of these sneaky little bitches, who love to smile and quote The Buddha, while looking for a space on your back to stab. Walking around with their noses in the air talking about, their pride in self and ancestry, their academic accomplishments, their happy life and lifestyles, but neglecting the clothespin portion. You know…when men squeeze dem head like a clothespin and dem legs fly open. I detest a pretentious wretch…..especially the ones who tek more man than the army then quick fi judge people like Missy. The ones who breed every two months fi people man, wash out the belly, then criticize those who have more more than two children. I could talk about the ones who a pretty up themselves with dem lethal diseases, but I will hold that for another blog. #GwaanDrawMiOut

I am the other type of woman that a huge percentage of the female population scorns. I am strong, determined, enigmatic, independent, loyal, trustworthy, reliable, yet soft and mushy on the inside. Ha…come to think of it, I would hate me too if I were some of you. I’ll leave me right here…

I know more than two handfuls of “ladies” who are dirty and simply disgusting. Not so much for the things they do, but for the way they pretend to not do the things they do. How can you THEN have the audacity to cast judgement on the character of others.

Looka here…it’s simple-Live in love and be real with your mess. Live the life you want to live and leave others to live the way they choose. Above all, please stop all the lies. I don’t like or respect anyone who creates mischief by spreading rumors, but I detest even more the idiots who are quick to believe just about anything they hear about others. Ever notice how the good things that others do is rarely highlighted? How sick is that!

What you see in others is a reflection of you. Careful the things you are quick to talk about and listen to…it says more about you than you may think. And remember one more thing…when you tell tales and try to tarnish the reputation of another, yet your potential ‘victim’ remains silent, it’s not because this person is afraid to defend themself-it’s because it’s wiser this way. Leave the lie(s) floating around and watch who is quick to believe. The ones who hop on are the ones who need to be out of your life. Besides…when accused, you should never try to prove your innocence…the burden of proof always lies with the accuser.

So yeah……………..I’ll be back!

“Judge not lest ye be judged”…The Bible




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