The Hypocrisy Is Unbearable-RIP Delus


In April of this year (2016), I was asked by the management of reggae/dancehall artist Delus to work promotions on his behalf. I said no initially, as the genre had stressed me to the fullest. I was (and still am) sick of it. The hypocrisy, the hype, the greed, the lack of talent, the lies, the raunchy behavior, the ridiculousness that’s classified as lyrics, and just about everything about it. I was done, and told his management repeatedly that I wasn’t interested.

I am fully aware there are artists who consistently produce great music, and carry the genre on their shoulders, but this right now is not about them. (Bless up and thank  you all same way).

This is about Delus and the hurt and anger that I am feeling this morning.

So in April, after insisting that I was never again doing artist/music promotions, I relented. My reason was simple, Delus’s music and demeanor. He was a humble and talented artist, and his music was straight from the heart. Most people refer to him as Konshens’ brother, but Delus was an artist in his own right.

About this blog and it’s purpose

Last night I got the shock of my life while scrolling through Facebook. Kevin Jackson posted RIP to Delus, and I immediately emailed Kevin to clarify. This couldn’t be true I thought (though from a reputable source), no way could Delus be deceased.

In less than an hour my worst fears were confirmed, and sources such as Irie Fm and the Jamaica Star posted headlines of his death from an apparent suicide. (Not buying that suicide theory right now, but that’s neither here nor there). I’ll be patient without speculations for the full story.


So yeah…here is the real reason for this blog. As mentioned above, I was hired to do PR for Delus, and did so in April and May. I sent out thousands of emails with his songs to the media, sound system selectors and radio personalities among others. I can still count on one hand the responses I received. With the exception of Susan Underwood from Island Stage, and Maliika from Reggae Reflections, none of you had the decency to reply to my correspondences, even when personally addressed to you and not via email blasts. Island Stage featured Delus in their May issue.

You guys on social media were no different either. I would post Delus’ music and often times be ignored…no more than one like here or there, and forget about anyone sharing the info…it wasn’t happening.

So imagine my surprise (and disgust) this morning at the overwhelming love Delus is receiving across the internet. Does he deserve all this love and attention? Of course he does…but why did y’all wait? Why wasn’t his music given all this love and attention when he was alive?

That’s why mi stay cross more time eno, cause I cannot stomach the hypocrisy and insincerity that most a unno possess. I see media houses who shunned him and his music up in arms this morning. Dem a “grieve” and have the most wonderful things to say about Delus and his music. All that is great, but why wasn’t he told and shown all this love when he was alive? The same music you bigging up this morning was there last week; why weren’t you playing and sharing it before? A wha, it neva good then? He wasn’t a wonderful father, artist and person when he was alive? No man…unnu just love hype.

And as for some a unnu on Facebook and Instagram, please spare me! Some of you posting all this RIP and condolences are the same people who read my emails and didn’t even acknowledge the contents…didn’t acknowledge the artist. The same ones who all up on my phone and in my inbox this morning, wanting details to post up on unnu walls for traffic. Unnu want attention and followers. Mi waa fight unnu…all a unnu.

We are living in a sick, sad, loveless society and it hurts. Hurts to realize that the heart of humans can be so callous, so unfeeling, so damn rassclaat hypocritical.

I am deeply saddened by the passing of this young father, young brother, young son, young artist. An artist who had so much potential, yet never got the recognition he so deserved while he was alive. His music is still here for us to listen, and I hope his words will inspire and bring comfort to someone. May your soul rest in eternal peace Delmark, and my sincerest condolences to Delus’ family members, friends and genuine fans.

-Shilo M. Evans



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28 Responses to The Hypocrisy Is Unbearable-RIP Delus

  1. Suzettw Heaven says:

    This is so true even though I read about Konshens brother but I didn’t know him. Real talk, it’s same way I watch alot of people professing love for their mothers and fathers on those special days. These are the same people who care zero about the quality of life their parents live. Some even left them in debt after they finished college. They did not even have the common courtesy to offer to help repay some of this debt they left their parent in. After they sacrifice so much for them. It’s definitely about the hype on social media, some of you need to do more and stop the hype. Lets not stray from this story, however this young man is supposed to be such a talented artist, yet he was ignored. I have seen Amari making a fool of herself on social media and have million + followers. Its a sad world. If you are not about the drama or a kiss ass person it seems you will never get the recognition you deserved especially in this field.

  2. Mikkayla says:

    I naah lie I don’t know him n a Mi cousin Weh love off konshens Mek Mi even know him name cause always a talk bout the two a dem delus n konshens so when I saw the post that he died Wednesday night she first Mi fed it to n not even she never know at that time.
    N Mi naah go play hypocrite n say Mi used to listen him tune or nun cause I didn’t n a doubt if Mi say condolences yet n the only reason y I would say it a cause Mi know Weh close family death feel like.
    Mi just listen one a him song what tomorrow may bring n tbh I doh know it a first Mi a hear it.
    N Mi never see so much ratings fi d man when him alive fi true n now that him gone every other post on my wall is a rip delus like dem a get pay fi send condolences.
    Mi shake Mi head when no see dem.

  3. San says:

    Well said. It is just so sad honestly.

  4. Tsealyn says:

    If it wasn’t for his death i would never know that Konshens had a brother in music business. Reality is this no 1 ever hears how well loved they’re until they passed it’s sad but true. Condolences to his family.

  5. LadyAlliB says:

    I’m trying so hard to disagree with you, but I can’t not even to be devils advocate. When I heard the news 2 things came to mind first was shock and disbelief second was now look at all these banwagonists that looking a like on insta n fb ago post up sommin. As a PR Specialist I know exactly what you mean.
    God bless you hun, we shall get past it but we won’t ever forget. Ever!

  6. Deidre says:

    I know RJR Group especially Hitz92fm played his music. He was always on their cross country invasion, that’s how I knew of him.

  7. Arthur Silburn says:

    I agree.I don’t know him, I hardly listen to music anymore because I have been turned off by the filthy lyrics that I have been forced to listen to at nights. However, I have been remarking to my friends that if he was really so loved he would not have committed suicide. These people’s hypocrisy is so transparent and obscene. Disgusting!

  8. Yvette says:

    Hopefully we can all learn from such tradegy. I pray his family find peace . RIP

  9. nzuve says:

    It is just so sad

  10. Tammy says:

    So sad! But it’s really true. Never heard of him a day in his life..only after his passing I’m seeing posts about him and became curious to find out who it was.

  11. Heidi says:

    Sad reality…in Barbados it is probably worse. Radio announcers ignore the repeated calls to play Bajan reggae music…no support of our local reggae music industry..

  12. Unknown says:

    Yea i agree seh ppl a wagonist but here this you are notfar from beung a wagonist either, why you never continuously post his music? Why you never promote his music?… People in the music industry have support delus in so many ways and shown him love when needed. This is jamaica if you dont sing a so call “good” the general public nah go listen or even play your music. If it comes to a juggling and “What Tomorrow May Bring” or “Another Gyal” fi play it is going to play so you even tho its a old song cant say that because him dead and i see khago a seh the same thing,
    Look pon even Laden or Chino and etc. dem song nah play if it like that and im sure if it fi play anywhere it ago play. All this that your say is basically being repetitive if you relly look at it and if your to blame anyone blame yourself too. Delus was a humble youth and he never spoke he kept his problems to his self , anyway i said what i wanted to.

    • Thanks Stephanie for your opinion. I never stopped promoting the music and even did a few email blasts of his unreleased music this morning. A track called ironically, “Gone Too Soon”…he did it after J Capri passed. i said I stopped WORKING the PR for pay in May…I never said I stopped promoting him. Blessings.
      If you read my bio on the front of this site you will get a better understanding that I go to bat for all artist…all the time. Nuff love sistren!

  13. Derene Samuel says:

    Well put together and so true I’m one of the persons who personally know Delus I share his music on every social media page I have and just like you I get a like here and there and a share I own every song he have out there the public relations ep when it hit iTunes last year I brought it. It doesn’t matter where he was performing in the states I find a way to get there. Delus was a very genuine and humble person couldn’t find that in a lot of artist. For me it hit me hard because I know him and I know he’s very talented and to see all these people are now praising him now he’s gone bothers me to the utmost but I’m going to leave it there. Condolences to all his family, friends and his true fans and to him may he continue to S.I.E.P much love and a lot of respect.

  14. Pablo says:

    All these media houses want is mix up, fuckery and clowns to interview. I c bop, Amari every fucking fortnight on onstage, er, or sum programme an they are talentless and man like Deepjahi a atruggle gi get an interview jus like Delus. Uno fuckoff!!!!!

  15. Shen says:

    I myself was one of those person’s who have been friend’s with Delus as well as he was a friend of my brother n sister on both what’s app and facebook for all these years, promoting his music, sharing on what’s app n having him know I like what.. always respected the ‘what if’artist. He was a real genuine and down to earth person and a friend u could count on. It’s just too sad that he has to now receive this publicity, but they always say an artist’s work gets more expensive after death. It’s damn sad, but guess it’s proven. RIP Delus, you’ll b greatly missed.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. It’s truly sad. My condolences.

      • Derene Samuel says:

        Thanks I do hope that you shedding some light on this hypocrisy that a lot of these media houses realize there is great talent out there and they have to show support of these artists wether or not they are well known. I’m sure half of these people who are sending condolences are fans of his brother and it’s a crazy situation I remember when I met him he said you could call me what everybody else does and I say what is that he jokingly say Konshens brother I chuckled and said to him no what would you prefer to be addressed as he said Delus and my response was then that what I will call you.

  16. Marlene says:

    So sad such a tragic loss ! But it’s really true. I Never heard of him irs only now after his passing I’m seeing posts about him and became curious to find out who he was and it just terrible talent & skills go unnoticed when he needed love & strength from industry where was it? Idk the emotional nor mental battles he face but I pray he finds the peace for his soul💯

  17. Rebel kiki says:

    Absolutely right… Only know you when you gone. But i always knew Delus. And always play my favorite tune by him “look another gyal”. Smh sleep well babe 👏😞

  18. Novlyn says:

    Well said, finally soneone not afraid to check these hypocrites…thank you!

  19. shasine natasha says:

    It is so sad,and it is the negative behavior of person to person that causes hurt.Negative feedbacks can be traumatising. The Lord knows best and will deliver.

  20. Jahranimo says:

    Well sad….as an Artist myself it’s very frustrated at times, just like you said they didn’t give Delus music no attention but as soon as he pass-away here they come with post and repost plus R.I.P.

  21. DJ Resque says:

    The loss of this life has hit me like a brick. Myself, an American, am a true lover of Reggae Music, I listen, I follow, I shout out and I share. Not because I am in the business but because I love the MUSIC. I followed Delus on social media, Spotify. I download almost all of his songs, his latest EP. He was a fantastic artist, message was always clear. His music was consistent in its delivery, very unique sound and THAT VOICE! Last year I DM’d him a screen shot of his tune What tomorrow may bring ” being played in heavy rotation on Sirius XM.
    I don’t know the politics per se in the music industry. But I am often upset and have said for yrs, it’s the DJ’s fault. It’s their job to promote the music to the masses. It can’t just be about the hype of the party and the garbage music. Its their job to introduce new artists, new sounds not just play what is familiar. I have left many a party for this reason. I know and love artist Jamaicans never even heard of. I am always shocked by this….
    Now, everyone but Delus will be making money off of his music. And it was really great music. May his mother be consoled and the rest of the family lift her up. He was definitely a gift. Peace and love.

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