Til Shilo Music & Broadleaf Reggae Introduces-Kaydeno


Jamaica has never been, or will ever be short on talent. Millions of visitors flock this island paradise yearly, to not only bask on it’s sun kissed beaches, but also to groove to one of the country’s chief exports…it’s music. Reggae music with it’s pulsating rhythms is infectious, and youngsters from an early age, gravitate to this genre as an outlet. Reggae/soul artiste Kaydeno is one such youngster.

Kaydeno hails from Eight Miles, St Ann, the lush parish in which Reggae Icon Bob Marley was born in the neighboring Nine Miles.
With a birth date of December 26th, Kayshan Dawkins plans to “shine as bright as the famed north star at Christmas time.”

Recognizing his talents at an early age, Kaydeno at five years old, was singing lead in his church choir. His soulful voice got the attention of everyone in his community, and he skillfully graced many stages at local area events.

Being influenced musically by other veteran artists such as Sizzla, Berres Hammond, and the icon Robert Nesta, Kaydeno’s focus has always been on music. “Music is my life”, remarks the twenty year old who possesses the soul of a man twice his age.

Wise beyond his years, talented and spiritual, Kaydeno has what it takes to be an international superstar. His passion for the genre, keeps him focused, and his songwriting ability allows him to pen the plight of the poor, while his soulful voice delivers his messages melodiously.

Songs like “Better Days” on the “Broadleaf Reggae” label, speaks volumes about Kaydeno’s insight on issues plaguing Jamaica’s lower and middle classes. “It Nuh Pretty” and “Reggae Music” are two other tracks that are slated for release in upcoming weeks.

2014 has been a great year for this young artiste, who has made the decision to take on the world musically. He is harnessing his skills and forging full speed ahead. Passion, prowess, possibilities. Music lovers…welcome Kaydeno.

Social Media Links:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kaydeno
Twitter: @kaydeno_music
IG: kaydeno_artiste
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/kaydeno

Listen “Better Days” on YouTube:

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