Happy Birthday Karen!


Once upon a time in Brooklyn, New York, (35 years ago) lived three little girls who had recently migrated from their island home of Jamaica, West Indies. There names were Tanya, Karen & Shilo. Tanya and Shilo went to Junior High School together, and desperately seeking Jamaican company, bonded rather quickly.

Fast forward to the 1st day of High School. September 1979!

Tanya and Shilo located each other at orientation,  and while comparing program cards and all that other technical 1st day crap, Shilo took note of this ‘browning’ standing all alone a few feet away…looking quite uneasy. She also noticed that this little girl with the neat afro and the one dimple kept staring at them…and this made Shilo very uncomfortable. Not wanting to take a chance on this being another bully who mistook her and Tanya for a ‘coconut’, or a ‘banana boat’ passenger, Shilo screamed ‘lovingly’ at the little girl: “AYE GAL, A WHA YU A LOOK PON?”  With tears in her eyes the little girl responded: “my name is Karen, and I just want to be friends!”

Aww jeez. Damn that Shilo was a little bully! Turns out Karen was fresh from Yaad just like Tanya and herself, and overhearing their accents, just wanted to be friends with other children to whom she could relate.

In no time these three were inseparable. They did everything together, and to this day (November 10th, 2014) they are still friends. THE END!

Oh…wait. You might be wondering what the purpose of my story was. Well, my sweet friend Karen is celebrating a milestone birthday today. November 10th, 2014. She is forever young, so she is now officially 20/30.

Happy Birthday Davis…Evans loves you infinity. You are a true friend, has always been a true friend, and will ALWAYS be a true friend. Not only to me, but also to a host of others. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and carry around a beautiful spirit. I never blow smoke, and I don’t swell people head, but believe me when I say that this woman is damn near perfect. Seriously. Ask someone who knows her.

She is kind and sweet to everyone…even to those who may not deserve it. I don’t know how she does it. It’s always: “oh Evans, be nice!” She is so sweet it’s amazing. Always happy no matter the situation, and always giving. Not just material, but she gives of herself. Folks purchase tickets for Karen to travel overseas with them when they have to face a crisis they don’t want to face alone. She has been to more funerals than she can count, and half the people she probably didn’t even know. She is just that supportive friend who is always there for whomever she deems a friend.

When I was having my first child, she was having her third. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I remember one day I ran downstairs half crazy and sleep deprived. I had to go to Karen to help me figure out why my three week old little girl wouldn’t stop crying. Karen busted out laughing and screamed, ’cause it’s 96 degrees and yu wrap up the poor pickney inna suh much clothes!’ The poor baby was hot like hades. What the hell did I know? I was young and petrified. Karen took her God-daughter (born one and a half hour before Karen’s birthday) out of the blankets and the child stopped crying immediately. Poor mi.

When my mom needed surgery, she left work and came and sat in the hospital with the family. When her other friends have a crisis, she is there. When her children need her, she is there. When her family and church members need her, she is there. When the homeless in Miami were sleeping under the bridge, she would cook and deliver to them. When I need her, she is always there…always. How blessed this world is to have a Karen Angela Davis in it! How blessed we who know her are to have her in our lives! I wonder how Heaven is getting along without this Angel!

I know I have to appreciate the people I love and let them know that I love them NOW! So Karen,  this is all I have to give…my love, honor and respect to you. I have cherished the entire 35 year friendship (although you probably still 19) and hope we make at least four more decades being besties. (I am curious to see if when yu 90 you will still have one dimple, or if it will vanish).

I made a video for you, and I started to put that Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight and dem ‘Friends’ song, but I had to delete it. Made me all teary and stuff and I can’t have that. Sooo, I decided to pay tribute to Club Elusions and fling een Baby Wayne lol…please click below and watch.

Happy Birthday Karen. May GOD bless you always!

1/3 🙂


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Karen!

  1. AfrocenChic says:

    This made me tear up! Thank you for sharing Auntie Karen with me!

  2. Namnin says:

    Blessed and highly favor….Thanks for sharing !

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