Silkkey D – 1/2 Dozen Questions


There is no shortage of talented artists and musicians in Jamaica…please believe me. I love introducing new faces, and in this case, silky voices to everyone. Hailing from St Catherine, Jamaica, this artist is about to take the genre by storm. As is customary for my blog, I had to get “1/2 Dozen Questions” answered really quickly to make my introduction.

Silkkey D answers the following 1/2 Dozen questions below. Check it out:

Q. How are you Silkkey D?
A. Well at this moment I am in high spirits, and giving thanks for all that I am blessed with.
Q. That’s right. Giving thanks is paramount. So, where are you currently, and what are you working on?
A. Well, currently I am in Linstead, St Catherine. I am working with Black Tiger Music on a few musical projects, which so far are going great.
Q. “When It A Go Betta” is a song that speaks volumes. Really heartfelt. Tell us what inspired this track.
A. I was inspired by financial constraints and the suffering in the world, especially in Jamaica, so I wrote the song. The lyrics addresses a few of the problems we face daily, so my question is: “When it a go betta?”
Q. How do you see the state of dancehall and reggae in 2015, and how do you as an artist plan on making an impact?
A. The state of dancehall music in the year 2015 is showing some amount of evolution. The new artists are more lyrical and technically advanced in showcasing their talents through social media. When it comes to the business aspects however, there is room for some amount of improvement. My contribution to the music industry will definitely be positive. I want to use my talent to uplift the world. Word is power, so I want to empower people around the world culturally with my songs.
Q. Back to your affiliation with Black Tiger Music…how did this come about, and what are you currently working on at this label?
A.  My affiliation with Black Tiger Music started in 2009. So far our musical partnership continues to move from strength to strength. Our partnership came about when a friend of my sister was talking with the CEO of Black Tiger Music, and during that conversation numbers were exchanged. I eventually had a conversation with Mr Reid, (the CEO) regarding my music, and well, the rest is history. We are currently wrapping up production on some new singles, and “Wrapped Up In Your Arms” is slated for release shortly.
Q. What can fans look forward to from Silkkey D in 2015?
A. Well for 2015, the fans can look forward to hearing beautiful and inspirational songs from Silkkey D. Love” is the word

Well, there you have it. Listen out for lots more from this artist. A talented crooner who will have the ladies swooning with his next release. (Shhh…I heard it 🙂

Link Silkkey D on Social Media right here:

And check out “When It A Go Betta” on YouTube below


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