Jegz’ Debut EP is “IRIE”

Reggae artist Jegz, will dedicate 2014 to launching, promoting and showcasing his debut EP, “IRIE”, to the delight of his fans. Produced by Black90 Records, “IRIE” is now available worldwide, through the digital distribution giant, 21st Hapilos out of New York City.

“My current project is the EP (titled Irie), which is to be released shortly. Also the video shoot for my new single, “Good Love”. My mixtape is ready, overdue and highly anticipated”, says Jegz. One of the singles from this EP and titled “Me She Want”, has been in rotation since 2013. The song received even more attention when the official video clip was broadcasted on CVM TV, HYPE TV, RETV, MD TV and various cable and Youtube channels.

Jegz’s new single “Good Love”, another track taken from his upcoming EP, has started to grab the attention of many worldwide, propelling Jegz into airwaves radio network. “Good Love” showcases both his strong musical talents as well as his versatility.

Regarding his style Jegz says: “My style is a fusion of Roots/Rock/Reggae and hardcore Dancehall music. I call it ‘Dance Rock Reggae’. It is always the two root musics (Reggae & Dancehall) fused to other genres, that creates my style. I would say I have many moods… you know? Many styles.”

Driven by a desire to create music that inspires, while delivering potent messages, Jegz aims to “be a musical ambassador for my country and people, much like Jimmy Cliff and Shabba Ranks.” Native of a small community called Rowe Town in Clarendon, Jamaica, Jegz is seeking to put Black 90 Records on the map. “Whats new for me musically? Learning not just how to be a professional artiste, but to mold myself into an excellent musician.”

In 2012, Jegz inked a recording and booking deal with Black90 Records, the label currently spearheading the promotion campaign for his debut EP. “It’s a lovely feeling to work with Jegz, and he is s very talented artist. Our expectations are unbelievable”, remarks Laurence Warren, aka Andrew Black90, founder of Black90 Records.

Fans can be on the lookout for Jegz’ latest music video “Good Love”, which will be released shortly, and is currently available on iTunes. Check out, Jegz’ official website, for launch details regarding the EP, and so much more.

Jegz…the artist to watch!



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