Vybz Kartel – “to whom much is given…”

Well well well. I couldn’t let another day go by without voicing my opinion on this “Vybz Kartel Situation”. Yes, it’s indeed a situation, and a very very sad one I might add. (watch the eye rolling start)…read on…

Everyone has an opinion on the “situation”, and everyone has been voicing freely. As it should be. I’ll take this opportunity to voice mine.

I met Kartel for the first time in Brooklyn, New York at a show in The Warehouse. Spragga Benz introduced him to the crowd (Kartel wasn’t booked…we didn’t even know who he was), and Spragga’s words were: “da yute yah bad!”. Kartel ran onto the stage and gave us five minutes. Bad indeed! (I have those pix somewhere. Old Celebrity Plus followers might remember them)

Since everyone residing in the free world already know the history of Kartel’s rise to stardom, the self-proclaimed Worl Boss…the dj with the most witty lyrics…the personality that causes you to take notice…I can just get straight to my point. No matter who you are or how much you detest dancehall music and Kartel himself…his personality “made you look”. There is just something about Kartel that captivates. All when yu nuh like a bone inna im body like many people…he has the ability to “keep you looking”.

Here is the sad part.

I am no “Gaza” supporter. I don’t get down inna all a dat. I am a supporter of my homeland, Jamaica. I am a supporter of Reggae and Dancehall. I will support anything Jamaican that is positive and sheds a positive light on our island.

I have always rated the ever smiling Kartel. What an extremely talented individual he is. Well-spoken and intelligent…(in some ways). He has the ability to lead. Tremendous leadership qualities were bestowed on him by The Most High…(the only BOSS). Did he utilize these leadership qualities positively? I am not so sure. I am not one who believe the responsibility of becoming a role model should rest on entertainers and superstars…that’s a huge task…often times burdensome. However, I do believe when you choose or is chosen to become a superstar, you have an obligation to your supporters. Some, no matter how much you may not want it, will look to you to lead them. This is when you have to look inward and adjust. Either accept the responsibility or step out of the blinding lime light. Unfair to the artist? Maybe…………………………………………but what you gonna do?

If you sing an ‘innocent’ song and realize some lean on every word…willing to do everything you say and that’s NOT WHAT YOU WANT, you have to be ready to adjust. (This is not just about Kartel either…this is to any artist or movie star out there) If you DON’T adjust, then that’s what you want. If you are in the public eye…open your eyes.

When you are blessed with leadership qualities…lead!

The verdict is in…the sentence has been issued.
Jamaica has lost someone who could have done great things for our country. With the persuasive powers of Mr Palmer, he could have helped to end the violence in Jamaica, instead of now serving a life sentence because of it. (yes…the violence can end)

Teenage pregnancy (17 and under) is on the rise in Jamaica .Some of these young girls are the biggest fans of Kartel. I am NOT saying Kartel is responsible for them being pregnant (some) with no means of support, not at all. I just think with a voice as powerful as his, he could have eventually found a way to get through to these young girls, causing them to realize the importance of abstinence and education.


Kartel was blessed with so much I think it got to his head. I watched quite a few interviews with Kartel just prior to his incarceration, and it was quite obvious that his fame and power had gotten to him. Referring to himself in third person with each answer, and basically just being quite smug.

I will forever stick to my opinion which is: ADIJAH PALMER aka…WORL BOSS…ADDI…TEACHA…VYBZ KARTEL…whatever you want to call him, would have made a great leader. The truly sad part is, he and his co-convicts will never see the street for quite some time. Kartel should not give up though…he is loved by his supporters and can still do positive things from a prison cell if he truly care about the country. There is always a way…and there is always hope.

Now…to the ignorant folks threatening Digicel, the judge, the police, the jurors etc…STOP IT! Violence begets more violence. Kartel was tried and found guilty. PERIOD!

Let’s move on from here…shall we?

(When you really look into it…he is a leader. Need positive examples though. Sad!)

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1 Response to Vybz Kartel – “to whom much is given…”

  1. Namnin says:

    Unfortunately some people don’t understand their situation, that can make or break them. It’s important to know one strength and weaknesses. We live in a shifty world, however it’s important to try our hardest to lead by example.

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