Chronixx is ‘DREAD & TERRIBLE’

Chronixx is 'DREAD & TERRIBLE'

…isn’t it wonderful?
I have admired this artist since I first heard his music two years ago in Jamaica. I remember asking, ‘a who dat man?’ and was told it was a ‘new’ artist by the name of Chronixx.
The track was this one right here:
“Behind Curtain”

I am big on lyrics…everyone knows that. When I hear a song I dissect it from verse to chorus. Hook and all.
“Best fren a come fi tek yu life a di worst ting yu could ever si”
Then Chronixx asks: “how mi fi trus an mi nuh certain, wha yu a du behind curtain”.
Then what I am accustomed to: “dem evil, dutty heart badmind people”.
“Mi nah play fi chop off the friendship before the linkage guh nuh further”…”bad mind cyah get mi offa da road ya, suh stop spend yu money paa obeah”.

Seriously now. With lyrics like these, Chronixx is definitely most deserving of all the accolades he has been receiving. He has accomplished a lot in a short time, and his positive, uplifting songs are a source of inspiration as well as healing for many.

His work ethics is another reason I admire this artist. With Chronixx, from what I gather, it’s all about the team. It’s not about building hype…it’s sacrificing and building a team, building an industry. It’s loyalty and it’s hard work. Chronixx and Zync Fence…what a combination.

I watched a few interviews with Chronixx via Youtube, and a particular discussion he had ‘Onstage’ with Winford is the reason I am writing this article. I developed even more respect for this artist. His knowledge of the industry is remarkable, and his vision for the future of our beloved genre is impressive.

Here we have a young man who has not physically been on this planet for a quarter century, yet his wisdom is way beyond his years. Age is definitely just a number here for real. Jah blessed all youth with wisdom…what is done with it is a whole other story however. Chronixx is definitely an old soul.

There are numerous songs by Chronixx that I have on repeat like everyone else.
“Smile-Jamaica”, “Here Comes Trouble”, “Beat & A Mic”, “Nah Follow Nobody”, “They Don’t Know” and so many others. It’s hit after hit for this artist, and Jah know im deserve it.

On April 1st, “Dread & Terrible” the EP by Chronixx was released (check iTunes). Today, April 12th, it’s number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Congratulations to the entire team. Well deserved!

Chronixx at the moment is enjoying sold out venues on his European tour. France, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany are some of the places the “Dread & Terrible” crew has blessed with awesome performances. Crazy reggae love.

I congratulate Chronixx, Zync Fence and the entire family. You make us proud. Continue spreading the message.

A this mi love…
From the EP…
Reminds me of “Rockers” the movie. Rockers was dangerous, but this dread and terrible.
“The peas bun up”…

“Wheel Out”

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2 Responses to Chronixx is ‘DREAD & TERRIBLE’

  1. Hudah says:

    Yes Mumma!
    These are the kinda interviews I enjoy watching,like the one aired ‘Onstage’.
    Da yute ya badd! So wise beyond his years and to think that he is merely JUST starting out.
    He manages to capture the essence of being an artist while remaining true to himself and his team.
    Kudos Chronixx

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