Saving Jamaica

Saving Jamaica

Jamaica cannot import its development. When we look at so called developed countries, we see that their development came in stages. The US for example, was a lawless country after it’s independence from England.

The government didn’t develop the country; it was individuals looking for better, exploiting natural resources (including humans) who created America.
There was an agricultural, industrial, technological revolution. Jamaica has had none of those. We want to pretend that we are on par with the US because we use 4G technology, can drive the latest vehicle and want to build a logistic center.

We want this and that from Jamaica but, we are viewing a 50 year old toddler through the eyes of 250 year old adult. How many Jamaicans would have enjoyed living in a 50 year old America-lawlessness, corruption, crime and violence? Watch the movie ‘The Gangs of New York’..,see Jamaica.

If people are serious about getting Jamaica on a path to development, they have to look within themselves and the country. We have land-farm it. We have to feed ourselves.
The government of Jamaica or any country cannot be the only ones responsible for a country’s development. What the government want, they get it from the people tax, tax, tax. Private enterprise has to be a reality.

Educate the people, and you will educate the nation. The JAMAL program should be revisited. You can’t expect a viable country when illiteracy is so high.
Discipline what we so admire in the Chinese, why we are so willing to sell and give our country is sadly needed in every Jamaican. We don’t need an IMF loan to accomplish that. Again, we have to look at ourselves. Where did our disciplined selves go? Our Mother Country set us free but did we not realize that we had to cultivate discipline for ourselves?

Jamaicans are often stereotyped as being ingenious and having more than one job. Use those stereotypes to our advantage. My grandfather use to say that Jamaica was more independent when it was dependent on England. There were tailors, bakers, independent providers in the communities. People farmed, ate and sold. Now we have empty markets and big old Coronation Market in Saint Andrew and Kingston throwing away food because not enough people are buying…at the same time people a beg fi food and going hungry. So, here’s a foreign idea (only kind Jamaicans understand and crave)…collect the unsold market produce and start a food bank!

Want a better Jamaica? Let all of those politicians live in their constituencies. Let them send their children to the local schools. Let their wives or husbands have to travel through and see how quick the ghetto, gully and garrison become respectable gated communities.

We will stand, but we have to feed and nourish ourselves in order to build the strong legs we need to stand on.
J McFarquhar

About the Journalist:

J. McFarquhar is Jamaican born and bred, yet a tried and true New Yorker. A music enthusiast and historian; she’s a proud product of St. Andrew (not Kingston), Jamaica. In addition to her pointed social and musical commentary, she’s also revising her forthcoming novel about a girl coming of age and, an informational piece about her favorite parish, Saint Andrew. McFarquhar also writes and curates for Those with a keen eye might also remember her as a contributor to under the name Reggaedis.

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