“Bad Ras” Buss…Mykal Fax Goes Viral?

I am actually laughing as I type this. Big time LOL. Let me tell you why.

From the very first time I met actor/director/writer and comedian, Mykal Fax, famous for his role as Cymbal in the movie “Bashment” a decade ago, I knew this man possessed something special.

Some might even say he is possessed…lol. No, seriously. Anyone who’s ever met Mykal, knows that he is capable of keeping a straight face no matter the situation. Sometimes you have to wonder out loud, “is he serious, or is he joking?” Apparently the Jamaica Star Online couldn’t tell the difference today either.

So there I was scrolling down my newsfeed on Facebook, when I noticed someone shared a link on Mykal’s page that I couldn’t resist clicking. The headline immediately caught my eye. It read: “Bad Ras’ cries for Kartel on YouTube”.

Come now people, you know you’d have clicked it too.
I was curious to know a which ras this a bawl the living eye water fi the dj. The Star’s article directed us to YouTube (see below), and of course I couldn’t wait to see this.

Just imagine my surprise when I realized that ‘Bad Ras’ was none other than Mykal Fax. This was a parody of some sort. I literally laughed out loud then proceeded to call Mykal. He couldn’t believe it himself, and said someone had just sent him the article.

I figure that this article might soon disappear from the site, so I copied the texts and pasted it below. Terrible…mi know.

Mykal who has just wrapped up filming the soon to be released movie, ‘Jamaican Mafia’ which co-stars Paul Campbell, seems to have an alter ego on his hand. Who knows where the birth of ‘Bad Ras’ will lead.

Mykal and I had a conversation recently about “Jamaican Mafia” as well…you can check it out here: https://celebrityplusagain.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/mykal-fax-speaks-about-jamaican-mafia-the-movie/

In the meantime…read the Star’s article below.
And Mykal…behave yuself! DWL again!

From the “Jamaica Star Online”…Feb 8th, 2014

“A Rastafarian who goes by the name Bad Ras has uploaded a YouTube video where he cries for incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, asking Jah to forgive the deejay for his mistakes.

The minute and 34 seconds long video is called Kartel Case and shows the Rastaman holding a Gleaner in his hand while reading about Kartel’s trial and beginning to cry (literal eyewater) while chanting a song.

The song, dedicated to Vybz Kartel, is a remake of Sizzla Kalonji’s Dry Cry. It has received over 5,000 views thus far, with mixed reviews.

“Vybz Kartel look how yu career did start well until yu start beat di bwoy dem pon di Gaza Mi haffi dry cry fi Kartel it nuh easy fi yu lock behind cell. Whose fault? No one but yourself, yu didn’t want to know Jah yu made a mistake. The devil influence yu just fi lock yu inna jail, just when yu career did start sell. Jah help yu pon di case, Jah help yu with the case even though yu bleach yu face,” he chants.

The Rastaman also recalls some of Vybz Kartel’s mishaps, hinting that they might be the cause of his present dilemma. His Sting altercation with iconic dancehall artiste Ninja Man and his split with mentor, Guinness Greatest Dancehall icon Bounty Killer, are singled out as some of Kartel’s biggest blunders.

“Is that happening for real? Work fi the devil then yu get a raw deal. Still wanna wish you all the best even though you have the mark of the beast on your face. Bad blessing follow you from yu fight Ninja Man. Bounty Killer feed yu then yu turn and bite him hand then yu laugh and dis him inna song. Yu sey yu sex Mavado mother and that was wrong. Jah help yu pon di case, Jah help yu pon di case, even though yu bleach yu face. Forgive him Jah, forgive him Jah,” the Rastaman cried.

Vybz Kartel and his co-accused are currently on trial for the alleged murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. If convicted, the deejay faces up to 25 years in jail. The trial is just as controversial as the artiste and has sparked much debate in media and entertainment circles.

Despite being incarcerated, the artiste recently won the award for Favourite Male Artiste at a local award show.”

Check out the video here:


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6 Responses to “Bad Ras” Buss…Mykal Fax Goes Viral?

  1. I hadn’t seen the article before now, only the video which I found quite amusing. Are people so gullible that they cannot recognize a comedic piece? I didn’t recognize the actor but I applauded his acting!

  2. Carline says:

    It’s so obvious that it’s Fax. He’s so prominent in entertainment how.com they not see..

  3. SHAY says:


  4. Courtney says:

    Sad!!!! wow, journalism at its best….Go Team start online!!!

  5. Courtney says:

    Meant *star*

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