Essprado-‘If Yu Nah Seh Love’

They say Jamaica has no shortage of talent, and reggae/dancehall artist Essprado proves once again that this is true.

Hailing from Spanish Town, St Catherine, Wayde McDonald knew that his passion for music was much more than a hobby…more than a ‘passing thing’. With his melodic vocals, often times referred to as the ‘auto tune’ voice, Essprado has been in high demand over the past two years.

Having traveled the United States extensively, it was a chance encounter with some producers in a Boston, Massachusetts studio that launched the career of this artist. “Wi Nuh Easy At All” was produced, and Essprado’s career was officially launched.
You know I enjoy introducing my readers to ‘new talent’…and while I wouldn’t label Essprado as a ‘new’ artist, I am sure there are many readers of this blog who will be hearing this voice for the first time.

Lyrical content as you all know is big in my book. I like a well written track. More than rhymes…a track must speak to me. Take a listen to the track above, “If Yu Nah Seh Love” on the “Memories” riddim, produced by Germaine “Big Beast” Ranglin of Barcodez Productions, and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

There will be lots more coming your way from Essprado. Just keep it locked right here and as always…SHARE the link.

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