Natty King – 1/2 Dozen Questions

Mr Wello Well

“A nuh dat mi want mi want more than that”…& “Du nuh bring no guns come to town”…

Any real Natty King fan knows those famous lyrics well. I caught up with one of my favorite entertainers this morning for my quick “1/2 Dozen Questions”. Quick thing!

CP-What’s up ras? It’s been a while. How are you?

NK-I’m fabulous empress. Like I said this morning [on Facebook], all is well well blessed.

CP-Seen! That’s always a good thing don’t it. So what has the king been up to [musically]?

NK- Well, I have been up to a lot of things musically. I have an album that is being finished up now. I have no title for it as yet, but it’s almost ready. I also have a single featuring Delly Ranks called “Turn It On” that’s about to drop. Produced by Bread Box Production. Nice vibe.

CP-Can’t wait to hear that. Any video for it?

NK-No video as yet, but its a must! It’s gonna be filmed here in Jamaica, and since it’s a dancehall vibe, it’s going to be real hot. Real real dancehall ting!

CP-Everyone knows you as the “Man from the East”…born in St Thomas I presume. Wello well lol

NK-Yeah man. Born in Bath, St Thomas. Right these. Mineral style. And yu done know, “wello well” is my slang. Everything double well.

CP-Any tours coming up?

NK-I am going to keep you posted on that for sure. I have some dates in the works that are not yet finalized. A tour is coming up for St Kitts & The Caribbean as well. Those details are still being worked on. It would feature artists like Macka Diamond, Kiprich, Specialist, myself and more. Yeah man, lot’s of things in the works for Natty King.

CP-Anything to tell the people?

NK-I man alive, fit and strong, and mi always love them. Continue supporting good reggae music and link me up on social media.
IG: NattyKingOfficially & FB: NattyKingOfficially
Will link forward with Twitter.

There you have it…short and sweet with one of my favorite artists.
Like the king seh, log on and give him a link on social media. Lots more coming soon from Natty King.
One Love!

In the meantime…listen to “LIFE”…below!


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1 Response to Natty King – 1/2 Dozen Questions

  1. papiscamara says:

    yow natty king the big man.from thhe east nuff respect to him,my nick name is fantan mojah,big up to my star sizzla kalonji

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