Marsha Is Living The “SunLife”


Vivacious, sexy, beautiful and multi-talented, are just a few of the words that comes to mind when describing singer/songwriter Marsha.

This cross-over artist who is characterized by a natural ease and elegance is as comfortable belting out Island music such as reggae, as she is cooing pop or wailing a familiar R&B number.
Marsha grew up in Kingston the cultural capital of Jamaica with her two siblings and the thing she loved most even back then was to sing. “She was always singing no matter what else was
going on in the house,” recalls her mother, Winsome.

The young songstress drew her inspiration from icons of the music
world including the renowned Bob Marley, songbird Marcia Griffiths, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson.

Fans across the globe have long been enjoying aural treats from Marsha while she toured the world and promoted her hit single “Piece of my heart” with international reggae artist Shaggy. Her impressive portfolio will reveal that she has also collaborated
with Dancehall diva Lady Saw, hip-hop standouts the Roots and Bad Boy Entertainment’s P’ Diddy and Loon.

Marsha is back with another hit, “Sunlife” to rave reviews. The video has been on rotation locally and internationally since it’s release a few weeks ago. “Island breeze feeling” is a comment I read somewhere on one of these social media sites. Anyway, be sure to log on and keep connected with Marsha. Check her out on these links below. Like, Share & talk up!

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Twitter: @marshammusic
IG: @marshammusic

“I wish I wish I wish, everyday could be like thisssssssss”
Smaddy please tell Jamaica Tourist Board fi link mi! Mi waa gi dem a talk!


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