A Me Unnu A Pree?


Matthew 23:12 says:
“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

I get that. I really do, and I totally agree with that scripture above. I am currently partaking of some “Sangsters Rum Cream” while I type this, so who knows what might end up on this page. Since the saying implies that when you’re crazy, drunk or tipsy is when the truth comes out, hey…at least you know I won’t lie.

I am writing this blog not because this is a blog site, but because I have to get some things off my mind and put some people back inna dem place. English cyah too convey what I have to say, so if you can’t understand patois…you will be lost.

I have been doing this PR ting for many years. Yeah man. A long time now. My website: celebrityplus.net used to run the cut back then. All original contents. I never used photos that I didn’t personally take, and I worked hard to make a name for myself. I never rode or tried to ride on my famous brother’ coat tail, although I could have. I made the name Shilo…MUMMA SHILO by working hard and staying true.

I created some things in journalism that others are now imitating. For one thing, I know for a fact that I inspired many of these females to get into the industry. Yes…a me inspire unnu. Unnu can gwaan hate all unnu want but unnu tell mi dat unnu self when y’all just got started. Nuh badda lie…y’all know it’s true. I won’t call names cause unnu nah get no more free promotion from mi.

Let me not even bother reminding anyone about who created the TEAM concept in this music ting. Unnu hear me talk bout that enough. Ask Ky-mani Marley and he will tell yu. I…me…MUMMA…yeah…me same one start this whole team ting in 2007. TEAM KY-MANI was the first team in music.

Remember when people used to go to stage shows and stand there taking pix of artists on stage? My site celebrityplus.net was different. Straight vision. How many times you gonna see an artist on stage with a mic? Mine was the site that captured artists cooking, playing ball, with their children…hanging…vibing. Don’t it? It made others have to look around and switch up the ting. This new page name CELEBRITYPLUSAGAIN. Yeah man. It’s a reminder that Shilo nuh gone nuh whe. Wha some a unnu feel like? Unnu tink mi name Mumma fi nutten?

I saw a ting someone sent to my email, where this little hating follow backa wretch put up har ting and a ask the same things I do. Now mi know that sound petty. Here mi out. This likkle back and belly rat whose life purpose is to TRY outdo me in journalism (wretch can’t even spell), have a site, and word for word the questions she’s asking is the exact ones…word for word now, that I have on my page. (AND MI KNOW SHE A WATCH CAUSE IP ADDRESSES DON’T LIE). And is not her alone either. Nuff a dem likkle fly-by-night so called PR wretches and website admins couldn’t formulate an original thought if dem life depended on it. No one is saying you can’t genuinely deal with PR, journalism, artist management and all dem ting deh, but if that is what you wanna do, for goodness sake, please to know what the hell yu doing before yu start. Don’t plagiarize people tings. YOU HAVE TO BE ORIGINAL.

And another ratid ting. STOP TIEF MY DAMN PHOTOS. Mi seh…mi Super Cat and Shabba photos have appeared on more sites than I can count. No credit to me. A wha kinda people dem yah man???

Let me say this. Everyone is free to do with their lives as they see fit. HOWEVER…if you are an alcoholic, the liquor store job may not be right for you. If you are a blasted groupie…this PR, journalism, artist ting a nuh fi yu neither. You have to love this from the heart. You have to be willing to work for the love and betterment of the genre. No strings.

I have invested nuff nuff time in this industry. I love my culture an have elevated many with that love. I never slept my way into this ting here…I never skin teeth with no artist for any interviews. I am respected and loved, hated and revered all at once. I love it. Nuh badda try get me out a da game yah. The more yu try a di harder mi guh. Get your vision insurance up to, cause the dust behind mi going blind unnu claat. A me unnu a try offa??? A di wrong person. Memba dat!

So back to the scripture up top. I have to toot my own horn, all the while giving praise and thanks to The Most High for inspiration. I am humble, and me defending myself is different from me exalting myself.

I really don’t care what any human think of me eno, humans get on my last nerves more while anyway. Too wicked some a unnu. I have to talk up and defend me and mines at all times. If dem people deh who a watch and hate, peep and pree did know what a come…dem woulda watch and pray instead a try pree me. Unnu tink mi did done? Mi jus a come!

Til Shilo Promotions


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