Italis – 1/2 Dozen Questions

Italis - 1/2 Dozen Questions

He’s been on the scene for many years. Some think he is ‘new’ to the business, but that’s so far from the facts.

He has recorded with, and for, some of the best in the industry. The late great reggae veteran Junior Mervin, brought Italis to Studio One’s own, Coxzone Dodd when he was fifteen years old. In order to grab the attention of someone like Coxzone Dodd, (Google him), you have to possess something extremely special.

He has recorded for producers such as the world famous Jon Baker (Geejam Studios), Alborosie, Tony Kelly, Danny Champagne, Shaggy and many more. He has collaborated with Wyclef Jean, R&B’s Mario, Germany’s Zoe, Dre Zee, Shaki and Sizzla Kolongi.

Many know him today as Italis, but this artist has also recorded under the monikers, Buju Kid as well as his given name, Patrick Anthony. Currently working with Til Shilo Music, Italis took time out to answer my ‘1/2 Dozen Questions’ today.
Check it!

Q. Hi there dj, how are you?

A. I’m great thank you. Blessed in every way. Thanks to God, I’m still alive.

Q. So, what has Italis been up to musically?

A. I’ve been writing as usual, and voicing almost daily. Constantly in the studio. The works have to go on. I am also working on my EP and awaiting the release of projects that I am not at liberty to speak on right now.

Q. For those who may not know, where are you from originally? Big up yu parish yes.

A. I am from Port Antonio, Portland. Jamaica’s most lush and beautiful parish.

Q. Your voice is HUGE Italis. How do you respond to persons who say you are imitating Buju Banton?

A. I was born this way fyah. From I know myself I have had this voice, this sound. My parents used to tell I to keep quiet, cause my voice a shake the place. I give all respect to Buju Banton, but I imitate no one. I sound this way because I was born with this sound. No imitation to mi ting. Buju a mi DJ. Im ratings up deh! You can never stop people from saying what they want to say though.

Q. So where can your fans catch up with you on social media?

A. Well, I am on Facebook: and my fanpage link is:
I am also on twitter: @italisreggae
And if you want to get in touch by email it’s: or I am not on Instagram just yet. Studio have I busy!

Q. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

A. Thanks for all the love and the support. Never stop supporting Italis. Also, stay tuned for new music, new videos, and new things coming soon. SEH YES!



Italis feat. Shaki
Calabash Riddim

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