Dann-I seh: “Uncle Come”…

In 2003, Sonny Spoon introduced us to a new reggae sensation the world would come to know and love as I-Wayne. The rest as they say is history. I got a call recently from Sonny Spoon, who wasted no time introducing me to another extremely talented artist by the name of Dann-I. (Pronounced Dan eye…not Danny).

Damarah Danni, born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, is currently creating waves in Jamaica with his hit single, “Uncle Come”. What a mix up! You can’t help but smile at the lyrical content. Pure truth……………….unfortunately for some.

Signed to Sonny’s, “Sons Of Spoon” label, the future is looking very very bright for Dann-I…and reggae. This artist is full a lyrics…trust me. Listen to his tracks…all a dem. “Tek Life” and “Time Nuh Wait” are two more of my favorites.

This is just an intro, so gwaan listen and get acquainted and I will be back with a full feature with the artist soon.

In the meantime…

Link Dann-I on Facebook right here:

twitter: @damarahdanni

YouTube Channel:

Listen to the big tune right here:

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