Chronixx – 1/2 Dozen Questions

Chronixx - 1/2 Dozen Questions

If you know me well, you know I cannot go a day without playing music from this artist I first heard about on February 19th, 2012. Yep…I even remember the date. The exact date to. Wanna know where I was? Mi a tell yu anyway. I was sitting on someone’s veranda in Stony Hil, Jamaica.

From the moment I heard “Warrior” and “Behind Curtain” I needed more. This music was like a drug and I was an addict. Addicted to the Chronixx and I needed no intervention. All I needed was some Dread & Terribe music to make me smile.

Topping the Billboard Reggae Chart in less than a week after it’s release, was his brand new EP entitled ‘Dread & Terrible”. Chronixx and the Zync Fence Redemption Band is doing the genre proud. Spreading the message through the music, while maintaining a level of professionalism that I can only hope is contagious.

Chronixx was gracious enough to take time out and answer my 1/2 dozen questions…and it’s my pleasure to place it here for you to read. Feel free to share with your friends. Doe mek good music hide eno. Pass it on!

Q. Greetings Chronixx, how are you?

A. Well yu done know, I an I is good eno. I an I is pleasant, and I an I is also dread & terrible amongst babylon. Ok.

There’s a lot I’d like to ask you but this is simply half dozen questions. One of your biggest fans in New York who is unfortunately visually impaired, with kidney failure as well, would like me to tell you ‘thank you’. She says while she is on her dialysis treatments your music is all she listens to. She said: ‘I love him and please tell him he makes me smile”. She’d like me to ask you who is your favorite artist since you are hers?

A. Well, I don’t have a favorite artist really and truly. I would have to list too many, and it makes no sense to say you have fifty favorite artists. I am a great fan of everyone who produces good music first and foremost. If I was to pick and choose like ten favorite singers, then on top of the list would be Peter Morgan, Jah Cure, then Beres Hammond, if we were to do the living ones. Then Romaine Virgo, who is like the greatest thing. You have people like Maxi Priest and whole heap of nice singers. But of all the singers in the world, I think my favorite is Dennis Brown, hands down. I don’t really like to go favorite and who’s best, but if it comes to the test I’d have to say Dennis Brown.

I recall an interview where you said the track ‘Behind Curtain’, was written by you for another artist. Am I understanding correctly?

Well, yeah. You have that understanding so right. During that time, myself and Zync Fence Records, you know, we didn’t really have an artist within the camp. I myself was a producer, a composer, a writer and all a these things. We decided to compose some music, and “Behind Curtain” was one of those many songs that we did. It is also one of the many songs I ended up singing myself. So yeah…“Behind Curtain” is one a dem ting deh, and your overstanding is so correct.

I know you have been involved in the music industry since age fifteen or so. Producing, writing, harmonizing etc. Your “Dread & Terrible” EP is number one on the Reggae Billboard Chart, and as I type this you are currently on a European tour with your Zync Fence Redemption Band. You have done so much in a short period of time, I’d like to know what’s next for Chronixx after resting from this tour?

A. Well, what’s next for I an I is more road, more music, more writing, and more creating music. That is what gave the spark to everything else yu nuh! The music, the writing, you know, the substance within the music. We have to ensure that we don’t lose those elements, because that’s what the music really is.

Q. You have taught your fans so much with your lyrics, your spirit, your work ethics, your loyalty and your demeanor. Can you tell me one thing Chronixx has learned about himself in the last two years?

A. I’ve learnt about myself that I don’t make my mind up easily. Sometimes it’s very hard to decide, as I find I have a very high level of appreciation. There’s so much I appreciate and have a genuine love for, that it is hard for me to then pick one thing out of the many that are so beautifully made and fearfully created by The Almighty. It’s hard to pick any one thing out of creation and say I prefer this than that.

Even so with music, it’s so hard to pick one form of music which is such a great entity and a great creation within itself. It’s hard to pick one genre and say ‘this is me, this is what I do.’ I find it hard which is a good thing for me, but sometimes it frustrates other people. People love when you make up your mind fast and can give them quick answers. For me it takes time because there is so much for me to love and appreciate, that it’s almost too hard to single out one thing.

Q. Zync Fence Redemption and Chronixx are setting standards in the industry. Teaching others (if ones will listen) about setting a foundation and leading by example. If you had to address someone wanting to enter the music industry, what advice would you give?

Everyone was created (whether you’re a musician or whatever else you may be), everyone was created with a specific purpose tied to their very existence. Within overstanding that, you have to now always stay in tuned with your inner self and your higher self. Only then will you be able to identify what your purpose is. Then and only then will you be able to make an impact within music, and that’s what music is about. The ones we remember are the ones who made an impact. It is not that you are to now go and try to be the most original artist, because originality is oftentimes a figment of our imagination. Everything has already been said and done before.

We as youths now entering the music business have to make sure, even if we haven’t yet identified our true purpose, [that] we are still attached, still closely connected to our higher self, so we can know what our true purpose is. Our impact will then be great and astounding, and for years and centuries, and ions…people will remember us for who we are. Yu dig? Ease out!

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