Zyoness – 1/2 Dozen Questions

Zyoness - 1/2 Dozen Questions

This lady right here is an inspiration to all. The moment a person begins to love everything about them self, is the moment they actually start living.

Zyoness has always been confident, humble, spiritual and gorgeous. She has always put God and family first and stayed focused on the goals she set for herself. She is doing some big things now and you know I had to catch up with her and get my 1/2 dozen questions in.

Q. Hi Nicole, how are you sis?

A. I am doing well and blessed. I am very excited about what is set before me and my journey as a plus size model.

Q. You’ve come a long way and I am proud of you. Proud of you not trying to fit in society’s little box. You are representing the full fabulous figure and you look great. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to control weight and stay fit and healthy?

A. Thank you very much sis, it’s not an easy thing to do. The first thing is to know your body and know what is healthy for you as an individual, and not what “society” says is healthy. You have to set realistic goals and take it one day at a time. Everyday should be an accomplishment towards your main goal.

Q. What’s your motivation?

A. After losing my brother on July 4th, 2011, it took a toll on my life. However, it also put my life in prospective. Knowing that life is not promised for tomorrow, I stopped putting things off and started humbly setting what was once dreams into actual goals.

Q. You are a part of the Full Figure Fashion Week 2014 in NYC. We are all so proud of you. How did this come about and what can we expect from you?

A. I was on one of those fashion sites and I saw that Full Figured Fashion Week was doing a model casting tour, and they were going to be in Atlanta. I decided to give it a shot and see what happen. To actually be chosen from hundreds of other beautiful plus size models, it is such a blessing. You can expect to see this face everywhere lol.

A. That’s right. You have always been a spiritual person. What’s your relationship like with The Most High?

Q. Yes I have always been a spiritual person, it keeps me centered. I seek The Most High first in everything I do.

Q. You always have something inspirational to impart. For anyone reading this who might be needing a ‘pick me up’…what advice would you give?

A. Thank you. My advice is to stay true to yourself and love yourself. Never give up on your goals. In anything that you do, do it with faith and The Most High will grant you the Grace to get through. Life is not always easy. if we stumble or fall, it is the getting up that defines our character.

For more on Zyoness:

Stay tuned for much more from Zyoness. Madd sup’n, don’t it!

This song is for you Nic Nic

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