It’s the RhedHeadDred

It's the Rhedheaddred

Back to basics people. Back to basics!

Let me introduce you to the RhedHeadDred line. Yes…pronounced RED! Just like that!
These hats are knitted by hand. Every single one of them. Unique pieces that are basically one of a kind.

This company is owned and operated by one person. Yes…Ms Dunwell. Entrepreneurship at it’s best.

“Buy, and buy plenty” she says.
Each piece is hand made with love. No two pieces are alike…unless you so desire.
No machines, no help from anyone but the Creator who gave her the skills to knit.
She is inspired by Mother Nature and the colors she provides. Each piece made to order. Your specifications.

Link the RhedHeadDred and place your orders. Paypal payments make it easy and convenient for you.

We have to support our own, don’t it?

For Paypal payments:

Link up through facebook:

There you have it.
Check out the RhedHeadDred….
Sharing is caring, so share the info…

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