Jamaican Mafia…the teaser

Jamaican Mafia...the teaser

The wait is almost over.

For months we’ve been keeping everyone updated on the progress of the soon to be released gangsta film, “Jamaican Mafia”, and tonight tonight tonight is the sneak peak. A little preview, just for you. You deserve it…..

In the meantime…

“Jamaican Mafia” stars the critically acclaimed actor, Paul Campbell as Soljie, best known for his role as Mad Max in Cess Silvera’s mega hit ‘Shottas”, and the lovable villain Priest in 1997’s “Dancehall Queen”… among others.

The film also stars writer, actor, director Mykal Fax (Bashment fame), who plays the role of Zoo-Zoo, the ‘good guy gone bad’. “Jamaican Mafia” is a gangster-thriller in the vein of “Goodfellas” and “Shottas”. It follows Zoolian Anderson (played by Fax), a frustrated corporatist who desperately desires riches and respect. When Zoo-Zoo discovers he’s the nephew of a powerful crime boss (played by Campbell), he decides to quit the corporate world and join the ruthless criminal organization known as, the “Jamaican Mafia”.

This film is highly anticipated, and fans are eagerly awaiting it’s release. The wait is almost over, so sit tight.

“Jamaican Mafia” also stars, Stokley Brown, veteran dancehall artist Nardo Ranks, dancehall diva D’Angel and Martina.

Click the link below and check it out.
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Here’s a small taste of what is to come:

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2 Responses to Jamaican Mafia…the teaser

  1. Sherene says:

    Omg!!! Jeezas peace yuh shoulda si me and mi madda face when we a watch di preview.. Kmt now mi cah wait….

  2. Carline says:

    I am anticipating this movie like never before. With this star studded line up who wouldn’t. Roger Williams, Mr. Fax and Paul Campbell how can I miss it. Pow.. A di Maadest Ting…

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