If you don’t know who DuttyBerry is by now, you might need to consider moving from under that rock. I don’t have much to say, cause while I’m writing I am also listening once again to the video above. “No sah!” Mi still a dwl!

What can I say about DuttyBerry? If laughter is indeed the best medicine, I overdose every time I log onto his YouTube channel. I had a little Q&A with Mr Berry recently, so check it out below. Short and sweet.

So Mr DuttyBerry sir, how are you?

I am as good as Tessanne’s body.

DWL… I have to admit I discovered your YouTube channel as many others did, during this past season of The Voice. How long has you channel been online, and what made you create one?

About four years ago. I knew I wanted my own show someday but had no idea how it would happen. I posted a video on facebook stating how I would like to become a vlogger, my friends commented and encouraged me, so I said why not.

So you’re watching ‘The Voice’ and something clicked inside you. Your inspiration…yes, Chinita Goodas aka Tessanne Chin.

I am a huge Tessanne fan. I’ve always felt that the world needed to recognize her awesomeness. So the moment I found out she would be a part of The Voice I knew I had to do vlogs to promote her. After watching the battle round with her and Donna, I noticed her use of the ‘Hideaway’ choreography…found it funny and felt I could do a cool vid reviewing the performances.

You are the most thorough person I know. You don’t miss a beat, do you? I watched your review of Sting, and of course your ‘Voice’ commentary beat all. Comedic to say the least. Where (besides the obvious) does the inspiration come from?

My culture, I guess. I really don’t see myself as a comedian. I just think my brain is crazy and that may translate into something people find humorous.

Yu betta believe it. You are also creative and articulate. You recently met with Tessanne Chin, and you were also in attendance at the ‘Shaggy & Friends’ charity event. I loved the fact that you were chosen to introduce Tess to the stage. How did all that come about?

Shaggy is a big fan of The Duttyberry Show. After leaving an interview, I ran into him and Tessanne in the lobby and he hailed me and pulled me to the side. He asked if I would want to introduce Tessanne at his concert. Of course, I didn’t waste time to hesitate. I said yes. Smiled at Chinita and went home with the biggest smile in the history of mankind.

I bet. You got a lot of heat from your impatient fans regarding the final ‘Voice’ video. My word, One would’ve thought we paid for subscription lol. Wi couldn’t wait. Trust mi…

Well, I have some of the most passionate supporters. I call them Berridos. Although, it’s a bit stressing when you’re trying your best and people ‘jus a cuss yuh so’ but on the flip side it’s an indication that people enjoy my videos.

That’s what you get for being so darn good don’t it. I applaud you and thank you for the laughter. We are living in some very stressful times, and your channel fills us with joy. What’s next for you? What yu up to? Any movie offers?

At the moment, I’m just trying to ensure that Duttyberry remains relevant after Tessanne. She allowed me to become a better vlogger and I’d just like to be able to continue to make my country proud. The aim is to have my own show so that’s what I’m working on,


Well, I’m sure you will get more than your own show. Natural talent…straight. Thanks for taking time out to chat with me. People, keep up with DuttyBerry by clicking on the links below. There are lots of videos on his channel that will supply you with the laughter the doc should probably have ordered for you. Watch them all.

Do remember also…in the words of DuttyBerry…”LIKE, COMMENT, & SHAREEEE” the videos. Let others get some joy!

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3 Responses to It’s DUTTYBERRY to BAXCOVA!

  1. Carline says:

    Dutty Berry to Boxcova is all I can seh. Him too funny. I’m a true Burrito….

  2. jill love says:

    he so funny chinita goodas lmao…..

  3. Namnin_BPrincess says:

    I can see why He has so many Berridos. He’s very talented.

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