Daddy Dearest…yeah right!


There’s a photo that has gone viral of a dad brushing his daughter’s hair, while an infant is strapped to his chest. Okay, strapped sound a way…but you know what I mean. Multitasking with his two kids. (something moms do everyday)

This ‘super-dad’ has been featured on all the morning shows across America, and as of today, this photo has been shared on social media, over 452,000 times. Why? Seriously…why? Why is this man being hailed as the father of the moment for doing what he is supposed to be doing? Mothers do this everyday, I don’t see us getting special recognition…mentions…or anyone sharing our photos with baby on the hip, cooking spoon in one hand and a screaming toddler needing our attention at our feet. It’s as if we are rewarding fathers for doing what they are supposed to be doing. I realize that society is full of dead beat dads. Yes, I get it…however, this is just straight up hype. My opinion and I need no one to agree with me.

I have heard men say, ‘I have to baby-sit my son/daughter tonight’…really? How come when some dads have their kids it’s baby-sitting? You know, like…I am just HOLDING them till moms come home. When moms have the children it’s not called baby-sitting…it’s called being a responsible parent. Doing what we are supposed to. Why should it be different for the dads?

Every willing participant in the making of a baby, need to also be there for the rearing of the child. Moms and dads should be viewed equally. There are great dads out there, but until society stop with the hype when daddy does what he is supposed to, others will continue to run around thinking it’s cool to let mommy take care of the child rearing. Sorry dads…you shouldn’t get a prize for doing what you’re supposed to. Who said brushing a little girls hair is for moms only. Sorry bredda. You get no cookie points from me.

If prizes are being given out…hurry up and bring mine. And while you’re at it, bring prizes for all the other moms holding it down.

Two much hype man.
I could have used the photo that inspired this gripe, but I won’t. It will get no promotion from me. I like this cute little cub much better. Isn’t he precious? I bet his parents share the responsibility. Some humans really need to get over themselves…

Tweet dat…

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2 Responses to Daddy Dearest…yeah right!

  1. Namnin_BPrincess says:

    Stereotype. Child care is consider a female thing. Reason why when a male does it they make such a big deal out of it. Totally agree cute pic.

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