What A Difference A Scarf Makes

What A Difference A Scarf Makes

“Put your money where your mouth is”…
How many times have we all heard that?
You have people out there who talk a good talk, but putting action behind it is a whole other matter.

For years I’ve been in communication with an empress I call Trish. This woman is passionate about our planet, our culture, our children and basically, the well-being of our species. Children are especially dear to her heart, and she has always wanted to make things better for the less fortunate.

Being talented and creative, Trish came up with her brand, TRENDY CROCUS, and has been doing her part to make a difference. I fell in love with her works. I invite you to check them out for yourselves. From cushions, to draperies to scarves, TRENDY CROCUS has it all. Check it:

CP-Your line is royal to say the least. Earthy and filled with our native African vibe. Tell us about Trendy Crocus.

TC-Most definitely. I agree…TRENDY CROCUS is royal, as is the purpose for it. We Jamaicans call the potato sack a crocus bag. Crocus comes from a natural element called JUTE. Our business is ECO friendly, and we also like to use natural organic cotton for a natural living. Here at TRENDY CROCUS, we are making trendy [items] from crocus. Literally. Trendy organic rasta products for your home goods. We’re more than our scarves.

CP-Your scarves, they are beautiful. Really beautiful. What’s the inspiration behind your crafts?

TC-Thank you. The scarves were inspired by the school project in Jamaica. We wanted something that could be made and sold quickly to aid our cause. 50% of our business from our scarf sales go to The School Project. Our very own charity created to repair broken down schools. I’ve always loved working with children, and this is definitely one way to do that.

CP-What kind of fabrics do you use?

TC-We use organic fabrics. Cotton, crocus and hemp. Everything is all natural.

CP-What are your other areas of expertise?

TC-My other areas of expertise are decorating & Interior Designing. If you give me some building supplies, I will make you a house. I have always been creative. Give thanks to Jah Rastafari.

CP-Tell us more about The School Project?

TC-Like mentioned before, The School Project is very dear to our hearts. There are schools in Jamaica in dire need of repair. Children cannot learn in an environment that is uncomfortable. 50% of the sales from each scarf is donated to different schools to help with renovations and repairs. Leaky roof, new windows, new classroom, etc. We all have to do our part.

CP-If someone reading this would like to make a purchase, how can you be contacted?
Is there a website or a link to see photos of your works?

TC-Of course. I can be contacted at 305-647-8934 or like us on facebook at TRENDY CROCUS. The website will be launched shortly.

CP-What’s next for TRENDY CROCUS? Where do you see your brand let’s say in five years?

TC-We hope to be in everyone’s market soon, so even those who are not Rastafarian will have access to our works. With the help of people like yourself, in five years we hope to have renovated thousands of schools. Not just in Jamaica, but wherever there’s a need. There are people out there who have money and no idea what to do with it. Let’s help our future by helping our children. Make a difference in kids lives…help us get our products into the mainstream markets. On demand.


So that’s it ladies and gentlemen. It’s so not hard to do. Less talking, more walking…more caring. I applaud the TRENDY CROCUS staff for giving back, for doing, for loving!

Check out TRENDY CROCUS on facebook.
We’re all in this thing together, don’t it?

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