Brothers Little Hero & Pzed releases new album

Brothers Little Hero & Pzed releases new album

Earthstrong Entertainment, in association with TRAIN LINE RECORDS and Coconuts Fusion Cafe releases their first album, “The Oracle”. Fourteen melodious tracks from siblings Little Hero and Pzed, their first album as a duo.

Having worked together for more than a decade, fans worldwide have come to expect nothing less than the harmonious delivery these two artists are noted for. An amazing blend of voices that compliment each other, making for some really great reggae music.

Little Hero, a talented songwriter who is known for his uplifting lyrics, is no doubt looking to duplicate the success of his 2009 album, “Revelation”, which debuted in the number one position on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

His younger brother Pzed, who enjoyed success with his hit “Cassava” in 2008, is an accomplished musician as well as vocalist. Not only lending his vocals to “The Oracle”, Pzed also played bass and keyboards as well as arranged some of the tracks.

This highly anticipated collaborative effort, features fourteen tracks written by Ralph Mason, Earthstrong Entertainment’s CEO and Little Hero. The siblings reiterate that the album will tell the truth about happenings not only in Jamaica, but also globally.

No time wasting…videos for the title track, “The Oracle”, “Holy Books”, “Jamaica Jamaica”, “Glorify” and “Darlin” have already been filmed and edited. You can check out “Darlin”, already on YouTube and a major network near you. Check it out…song hottt!

This album is more than a collaborative effort from the Gayle brothers, it is definitely a family affair. The Mason brothers, Rashad 11 & Rabboni 13 made their contributions as well. They helped to create the beats for “More Love” and “Holy Books” at home, before they ended up at TRAIN LINE Records, where super engineer Gilly made the magic happen.

“More Love”, the albums first track is “the charity track” declares Ralph Mason. Realizing that there are needy children all over the world, Mason has decided that the proceeds from this track will be donated for school lunches worldwide. Come on people…support!

Following the official launch party for “The Oracle”, on December 6th in St Ann, Jamaica, the brothers will embark on a 2014 tour beginning in the UK and Europe. This album is well written and totally enjoyable. Something for everyone. Undeniable truths enclosed!

Purchase the entire album from iTunes, or visit Coconuts Fusion Cafe in Miramar, Florida for the cd. You won’t be sorry…

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