Mumma Shilo’s Birthday Bash?


In May 2009, I celebrated my birthday in Jamaica with a star studded birthday party on the famous Hellshire Beach in St Catherine. Prendy’s to be exact!

I have to thank Reggae artiste Bascom X for orchestrating and executing a most memorable event/weekend.

In 2010 we stepped it up a notch, this time accommodating overseas guests at Bascom X’s Villa X, nestled atop one of Hellshire’s many cliffs. This event turned into much more than a party, as guests were toured around the island, each year to a different parish.

I celebrated annually in this way seven times, and I have to thank every guest, artistes, selectors, chef, and drivers for all they have done throughout the years to make these events not only special for me, but memorable. A special thanks go out to Mr & Mrs Sudlow!

In 2015, I celebrated a milestone…the big fabulous five oh! 50! This was the magical 7th annual birthday celebration for me…the end of an era. The next fifty (God willing) will be the best 50, and I look forward to all that is yet to come. Will there be more celebrations? of course there will be. Y’all will just have to wait for the where and when!

The beginning of the video below shows scenes from various areas of the fourteen parishes of Jamaica. Shilo Tours of course, is much more than just a birthday party trip…Shilo Tours is as the name states, a “tour Jamaica etc” company. Our tours has never and will never stop. Not everyone want their photos on the net, so yeah…Shilo Tours is STILL doing it and about to tun it up a notch in the coming months.

The second portion of the video shows photos of our birthday trips from the past seven years. My sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported Shilo Tours in the past, and may God bless you all.

Now mek sure unnu watch the video quick before YouTube kick it out for copyright infringement.

Log onto: for up to the minute info!


Watch Video Below:







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2 Responses to Mumma Shilo’s Birthday Bash?

  1. Jilann says:

    Can’t wait to see the next chapter.

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