Richie Loop – 1/2 Dozen Questions


Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Dancehall Artiste Richard Webb more popularly known as Richie Loop, exploded onto the music scene in 2010 with his monster hit “My Cup”.

Celebrity Plus caught up with Richie recently for our quick 1/2 dozen questions. Check it out below…

CP-Greetings Richie. How are you?
RL-Bag a sexiness lol you know, what’s up Shilo?

CP-I’m here looking at you the sexy one lol. I see you’ve been quite busy lately. Tell your fans some of the things you’ve been working on?
RL-Well as you know, Richard Webb aka Richie Loop is always working. Even when you don’t hear my music, I am hard at work producing for others. As the saying goes, “every crop have their season”, so just #keepwatch and #keeplistening.

CP-From our recent conversation, I gathered you have a specific vision for your career. Am I correct?
RL-Lol most definitely. Richie Loop’s vision is totally out the box, and if you notice I speak of him from a third person perspective. My vision is to fuse my type of music with every type of music there is. Yeah man!

CP“My Cup” was a huge hit for you. How did that track come about, and did it open doors for you?
RL– Every hit open doors for a young artiste, so much respect to myself and Robert Livingston. This track “My Cup” came about in the early part of 2010. I was just there in the lab making beats as usual and watching the television at the same time. I think it was BET. An interview came on with Lil Wayne, and there was this big thing about what he had in his cup. So from there I just rolled with the ball, making the hook in my head as I went along making the beat. Two hours later, beat was done. Song complete. The rest is history lol.

CP-Who are some of the artists with whom you have collaborated, and who would you like an opportunity to work with on a track?
RL-Well, names like Busy Signal, Christopher Martin, D-Major, Zizabafana, Benny Page, and Badroyale just to name a few. To be frank, everyone wants to work with an artiste who’s bigger than they are. Not in age, but fan base wise. So for me, anyone who would like to make a difference in the music, let’s work!!!

CP-These are my 1/2 Dozen Questions. Anything else you’d like to add?
RL-You didn’t ask if I have a girlfriend. Lol lol lol Dwl. Every interviewer ask the relationship question.

Well, not this interviewer Mr Loop lol. That too can stay in your cup! Lol

So make sure you link Mr Richard Webb aka Richie Loop on Social Media, and check his videos on YouTube!


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