Freemynz gives fans “That Rush”

Brand new single coming your way in less than two weeks.

The duo Freemynz have been enjoying international success, and keeping fans happy with every performance.

19BOX (JUKEBOX) RECORDINGS is proud to make available the debut release of Freemynz, with their single ‘That Rush’. Freemynz indulge their passions for Reggae, R&B and pop music, all while paying homage to EDM-influenced club music.

Freemynz is the brainchild of Catapila & Dennis “Shango Trex” Llewellyn. Both of these artists have already appeared on 19BOX RECORDINGS as Rise And Shine 3.11, as well as Dennis “Shango Trex” Llewellyn featuring Catapila for their cover of Billy Ocean’s classic ‘Caribbean Queen’. After the success of their individual efforts with us, they joined forces last year after working on the projects described above together.

Reblah Star is part of the original production team, and known as Shanti Reblah, who has received recognition as an international recording artist, producer and engineer. He has remixed ‘That Rush’ in his own unique genre that he describes as ‘Reggae Tech’.

Jon FX is a popular Jamaican Dancehall producer, who has worked with artists such as Sean Paul, Shabba Ranks and so on. The Jamaican vibes are strong in his remix.

Russian producers DJ Shury & uRetz complete the remixes and take on an 80s vibe with a relentless house beat that uses inspiration from ‘The Never Ending Story’ by Limahl and totally different from the other versions.

RELEASE DATE : July 30th, 2014

Freemynz – One Love Jamaica Festival – Japan


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