Jah Nissi – 1/2 Dozen Questions

Reggae music with it’s infectious riddims, has for decades been spread around the globe, by countless reggae artistes from various parts of the world. It has international appeal and artistes work tirelessly to keep the genre in the spotlight. No…you don’t have to be Jamaican to be a reggae artiste.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to an artiste by the name of Jah Nissi who resides in Canada. He is a reggae artiste who was born in Haiti, and I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying all the tracks I have heard thus far.

I engaged him in my now famous “1/2 Dozen Questions”, and this is what Jah Nissi had to say.

Q. Greetings Jah Nissi, how are you?

A. Greetings, I’m okay. Thanks for having me.

Q. You are a reggae artiste who hails from Haiti. I think that’s wonderful. How popular is reggae in Haiti?

A. Reggae is very popular in Haiti. We have some great bands and artistes who play reggae very well.

Q. How long have you been doing reggae, and who were some of your influences?

A. I have been playing Reggae for ten years. Some of the artistes who inspired me are, Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, Tiken JAH Fakoly, Morgan Heritage, Luciano, Midnite, Stephen Marley and Israel Vibration.

Q. Which reggae artiste from Jamaica would you most like to record or perform with?

A. Well I’ve got so many. I would like to record and perform with Stephen Marley, Peter Morgan, Luciano, and Etana.

Q. Tell us about your debut album “L_Union”.

A. “L’Union”, is an album dedicated to my country Haiti. That’s why I called it “L’Union” which means (unity). There are ten tracks on this album. They are ten strong tracks, most talking about the condition in which my people are living. This album is based on the sociopolitical situation of my people. I also talk about loving each other. I preach reconciliation because I feel as if we are divided.

Q. Do you have any shows or tours planned for 2014?

A. Yes, we do have some shows coming up. We have FKZO festitalin coming up in August in Toronto, and we have another show in October in Montreal. We are also planning a promotional tour for the album in Paris, but at the moment dates are not yet available.

There you have it. Thanks for the time Jah Nissi…looking forward to big things from you.

Here’s the official video for the title track, “L’Union”. I love this track. Sexy French accent over drum and bass.
For more of Jah Nissi, log onto YouTube and do check the links below.
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