Introducing Jah Nissi


A native of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Ernst Toussaint, known to his fans as Jah Nissi, was born October 12th with a passion to become a professional football player. Met with opposition from his parents however, Ernst would soon discover something within that would propel him towards a new path…music.

The community in which Ernst resided in Haiti, had a church where he was able to harness his passion for music, and develop his skills. During the nineties, his father who was residing in Venezuela, advised Ernst and his younger brother to find someone to teach them to play a musical instrument.

Under the tutelage of Moses Thermitus, a prominent bassist residing in Haiti, Ernst mastered the bass guitar, and his younger brother the lead guitar. A few years later, the brothers formed a group called, “Conquistadores” which means simply, “Conquerors.”

In 1996 his family emigrated and settled in Venezuela, and Ernst decided to continue his musical career in a music school where he learned to play the drums. A few years later, his brother and some friends formed a band called “The Will” which was later changed to “Stars”. Due to internal conflicts, Ernst and his brother along with two other musicians left the band and decided to go their separate ways.

During the months which followed, the brothers formed another group called “Fire of Life”, which succumbed to financial and economical problems. In 2005, Ernst migrated to the United States in an attempt at pursuing his musical career. Disappointments after disappointments ensued, and later forced Ernst to move on to Canada, where he was finally able to see his dream come to fruition.

Influenced by artistes such as the great Bob Marley, Morgan Heritage, Alpha Blondy, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Midnite and Eddy Francois, just to name a few, Jah Nissi has in 2014 released his first roots/reggae album titled, “L’Union”, meaning Unity. An Edit Productions release, Jah Nissi is ready to take his career by the reigns and forge ahead. Lyrically, each track on the album is a fusion of his native French Creole as well as English, over a pulsating reggae bassline.

“I Love You” is the first single from “L’Union’ to hit the airwaves. Jah Nissi, featuring the beautiful sounds of songstress, Blandine Kaniki.

Jah Nissi always keeps the plight of his people at the forefront, and sings to uplift the poor and destitute.

Official video for “I Love You”

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