Dann-I -1/2 Dozen Questions

Reggae artiste Dann-I has been creating waves in the industry with his hit single, “Time Nuh Wait”, and his latest “Uncle Come” is now also a fan favorite.

Yu done know how I do here…I had to ask Dann-I 1/2 Dozen Questions to keep up to date, don’t it?

Dann-I is humble and personable. An artist who is knowledgeable, witty, conscious and extremely talented. Hailing from Spanish Town, Jamaica…this artist has a lot to offer, and fans of the genre has yet another artiste to celebrate.
Mek wi talk to him:

Q. Greetings Dann-I, how are you king?

Greetings Sista. I feel blessed and highly favored. Always giving thanks and praises to The Most High.

Q. How long have you been doing music, and what/who inspired you?

A. I’ve been singing since I discovered my talent from a tender age. All my inspirations come from The Almighty, love, everyday life, music, and Mama Earth and her inhabitants.

Q. Your lyrics are thought provoking. Do you write from your own experiences or from the experiences of others?

A. Most of what I write and sing are personally inspired, or what I see growing up on a daily basis. Mostly it’s my opinion on the truth and realities in life.

Q. Many are familiar with you because of the hit song, “Time Nuh Wait”. Now the big tune “Uncle Come” is causing tongues to wag. The video was shot recently for this track. Tell my readers what has been happening in Dann-I’s career since the year began?

A. Well, it has been a marvelous year so far. I was honored to be awarded the Best New Artiste at the Manchester Awards, as well as grace the Rebel Salute stage where I delivered an energetic and memorable performance. My debut video for the single “Time Nuh Wait”, premiered and surprised everyone by going straight to number one in the first week, and remaining there for two months. I can say I have accomplished a lot thanks to my hard working and enthusiastic management team.

Sons Of Spoon Music is the label you are on right now, correct? Can we expect an album any time soon?

A. Yes I am officially part of the Sons of Spoon Label family. We’re currently releasing some singles,and the albums are in the pipeline.

This is a quick ‘1/2 Dozen Questions’, so feel free right here to tell us anything you need us to know. Oh, one last thing. What can we expect from Dann-I for the remainder of 2014?

A. For the rest of 2014, music lovers can expect to be thrilled with some of the best music of this era. Music for the mind body and soul, and music that’s pleasing to the ear. I just want to say let’s keep moving my people. Time waits on no one. A special thank u to Sonny Spoon, Orville, Prof and Geenie Blacks. Very hard working team.

Jah Bless!

There you have it.
Keep up with the happenings at:
twitter: @DamarahDanni

New video for “Uncle Come” soon forward!

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  1. Proffromspain says:

    Dann-I to di world, wi bill Champion wi nuh kill Champion doh!!!

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