Ishawna a HOT IT UP!

Ishawna a HOT IT UP!

DSR (Downsound Records) a guh hard. Yu here mi? Hard mi seh!
Ok, let me get straight to the point.

I often refer to dancehall artiste Ishawna as the princess at Downsound Records, as she is currently the only female on the roster. I first heard about Ishawna last year, and went in search of her music on YouTube. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This young lady is repping the dancehall genre quite nicely, while turning heads everywhere she goes.
Big up to Ishawna who is doing her thing and making a name for herself in this male dominated industry. It’s refreshing to see another female artiste who can hold her own without apology. TUN UP! Tun down fi wha?

Here’s a recent tweet from Ishawna: “I will be performing live for the first time at Caribbean Fashion Week this Saturday June 14th, 2014”
This event will be held in Kingston, Jamaica, and I can just imagine the surprises Ishawna has in store for the CFW audience.

The lady seh she ‘need love’…cause she waa ‘relieve stress’
Si the video here…two hot for TV.

She also said: “everybody a guh know seh me an you a (insert expletive right here)”
Si the clean version ya:

Keep it locked to the DSR website for much more from and about Ishawna. Follow her on IG and twitter also and stay informed.

Here’s all the info you need:

twitter: @ishawna
IG: mslegendary

Ishawna’s ‘1/2 Dozen Questions’ coming up!

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