Richie Drenz – 1/2 Dozen Questions


I had a name I called dancehall artist Deva Bratt. I’d call him Drenz model because every time I saw Deva, he was sporting something trendy from Drenz.

Richie Drenz is someone I have admired for his vision for many years. He is one of those persons who does and says exactly what he feels, and how he feels it. Even to his clothing…it’s just Richie. Personality on a hanger. (My readers who know me must realize by now that he and I have similar personalities)

He is definitely not into that ‘box’ mentality. You know, that box I often tell people to get rid of. It’s not about thinking outside of it…it’s eliminating it…period!

I was online today and saw a link posted with Richie being interviewed by Winford Williams from OnStage. I clicked…listened…watched…then contacted Richie. Within minutes the interview was started and within hours I had my answers to my 1/2 dozen questions.

Richie is not just a fashion designer…he is also a celebrated author whose new book, ‘Climaxes’ is literally wetting up the internet. Yes mi dear…yu have yours?

Check it out…

Q. Hi Richie, how are you?

A. I’m doing great!

Q. You are a brilliant designer and now a published author. An innovator in all you do I see. Where does your motivation come from?

A. My innovation comes from my desire to create what I want, I would say. What I usually want is something you don’t already have, something new and fresh and different. Not only to stand out but even to subtly satisfy myself that I’m not with the crowd. I don’t want to be with the crowd and a lot of people have similar desires. They do not want to be followers, they want to be individualistic. Which is why my designs are limited editions.

My writing is inspired from reality, truth and relatability. For me , I’ve always thought reading wasn’t exciting, it was too fairytale and roses. So when I came in the literary game I wrote what I would enjoy reading and didn’t copy what everyone else had on the market. The truth and relatability in my books make them stand out from the other novels. My latest book was my memoir, ‘Climaxes’. It’s not only relatable, it’s true and honest and readers can feel the honesty as much as the erotic scenes.

Q. Give some advice to younger folks who are stuck in society’s ‘box’. What would you say to someone who has a story inside, or a particular look in mind that goes against the norm?

A. If you’ve got a story inside, which we all do, the greatest advice I could give is to be boldly honest about it. Speak the truth and it will resonate with your readers. Don’t worry about writing a perfect story, just get it out your veins and through your pen or keyboard. Just let it bleed! All your pain, all your regrets, all your love, all your happiness. After that you can worry about putting the story together…now that you have great material to build your story house with.

You know what? When I started making clothes, I started off doing t-shirts and it was against Jamaican society’s norm. They were sewn on the wrong side, and they were fitted. In my start up era, fitted clothes weren’t cool, as baggy clothes were in. I’ve always thought that baggy clothes were untidy and unsexy. I did wear them however, made them and sold them. You know what I found? Somewhere in the world people loved what I was creating and wearing. More importantly, I felt satisfied that I was comfortable with what I wore, instead of being uncomfortable for the sake of other. WEAR/DESIGN whatsoever you love be brave! Be you!

Q. What has been a high point in your career that gave you ‘goose bumps’?

A. TV always rake my nerves a bit but I’m getting use to that. What gives me goose bumps is being around my fans and seeing how excited they are to take a fan pic with me. It takes me to a place where its unequivocal to success when u know your art is adding joy to people’s lives. That they can connect with you so intimately through your art. I once had a fan who had to use her asthma pump when I hugged her, and it almost made me cry to see how mi nearly kill off di ppl dem pickney. A joke. It just touched me deeply to know I’m adding something some people treasure in their live. Goosebumps!

Q. What are you currently working on?

A. Just finishing up book 2 of ‘Heart of Revenge’, which will be released next month online. I have a hilarious comedy romance novel entitled, ‘The Jamaican Ninja’ that’s finishing up to be released later this year. I am also gearing up to release some caps and tops for the summer.

Q. What can we expect from Richie Drenz for the remainer of 2014?

A. Well, my business partner Oral Ashley and I have put some pretty awesome plans together for 2014. You guys will just have to wait and see them unfold. It’s always about raising the bar for us. 2014 is in good hands.

I’d say. I feel proud to be Jamaican right about now. This man is amazing and totally deserves our support. Click the link below and really listen to Richie’s interview. Be sure to click on part 1 as well. We have lots to celebrate in our culture. Look no further. We have to support our own to…don’t it?

Purchase Richie’s books on Amazon:

Richie Drenz’ live OnStage interview with Winford!

Link Richie on facebook:

Find him on twitter:


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4 Responses to Richie Drenz – 1/2 Dozen Questions

  1. Bonne vie says:

    Well i must say as a ardent follower of Richie and his work i am extremely proud of him and i wish him all the very best in his future endeavors and i will continue to give him my full support as always

  2. kaye cole says:

    Richie u say ur not very good with English but u r very well spoken nd ur words falls right into place,,, I can’t say u are going places as ur already there, I can only say u will be going further than u expect, been a fan about a year now and I have no regrets,,,, ur book puts us in all the various moods there is especially laughing, ,, I can’t wait for the jamaican ninja to come out,, I know I will need a very large bottle of aleeve, lol,, anyway gods richest blessings to u

  3. keisha drenz banton says:

    Richie am so proud of proud to be a Jamaican standing right behind you.I love what your doing.just cant wait to give u a hug so u can nervous to.haha.

  4. Karma Drenz says:

    I’ve always admired Richie not only for his work ethic, but for his strong motivational stance. He will see something in you, that you don’t. He’s got a great heart- one that’s truly caring. A real libran at heart. I wish Richie all the best with the relaunching of Drenz Clothing, his newfound love of writing, etc. (just to name a few of “new ventures”). Blessings and love for the 5 Star General aka Silly Wabbit aka Richie Drenz.
    #teamDrenzforever…. ❤ 😀

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