Nesbeth – 1/2 Dozen Questions


Greg Nesbeth is one of Jamaica’s most talented artists. Lyrically, Nesbeth has a knack for keeping listeners hanging on his every word. Remember two of his many hits, “Board House” & “Guns Out“…now you see where I’m coming from.

In 2014 Nesbeth is hotter than ever. His latest hit, “Ole Gangalee” is currently topping charts across the board. I recently caught up with Nesbeth for my “1/2 Dozen Questions”, and this is what he had to say:

Q. Greetings Nesbeth. It’s been a while since last we spoke. How have you been?

A. It really has been a while. I’m great. Everything has been truly great.

Q. That’s always good to hear. So, your monster hit ‘Ole Gangalee‘ is climbing the charts rapidly. Tell me about this track…the inspiration?

A. Well, the dictionary calls a ‘Gangalee’ an unruly person, but I don’t really see it that way. I come to speak truths about the things going on in the world now. I paid homage also to Louie Culture cause a him come seh ‘Gangalee’ from dem time deh.  The inspiration is to appeal to the people. It’s about grabbing the public’s attention.

Q. The Original Gangalee Louie Culture…I imagine he appreciates the honor.

A. Yeah man. He gave me a good vibe. We spoke recently and he loves the honor. The future will determine if we work together on a project. We’ll wait and see.

Q. I have always admired you as an artist. Your music tells stories. What/who motivates you?

A. The motivation comes from people in my immediate surroundings. Not just my surroundings either. People all over the world. I listen to people speak. For instance a song like ‘Board House‘. I have to let people know if my board house can burn down and I am still standing, you can stand as well. No matter the adversity, you can overcome it. I am motivated by what I see everyday and can write and sing about it. Reality.

Q. What projects are you currently working on, and who are you working with, management wise?

A. I’m currently working with a company called Entertainment Soul Limited based in the U.K. My manager is Shanika ‘Eccentrik’ Dobson. I have also signed a deal with them. We have a lot going on in the pipeline, but at the moment we are focused on my upcoming EP entitled, “Taste Victory“. The single that is next to be released is called ‘Victory‘. The name tells you the mood I am in right now. These are just two of the projects to be unleashed.

Q. What else can we expect from Nesbeth in the coming year? And where can your fans interact with you on social media?

A. Fans can expect the best of the best from Nesbeth. Entertainment Soul works tirelessly on my career. 24/7. They’re hard at work as we speak. When a company works as hard as they do for their artist, one can only expect the best.

My fans can stay in contact with me on my website, Facebook, or Instagram at the following links:


Twitter: @djnesbeth

Instagram: @nesbeth8


Booking Contact:

Number: 07508882797  or 0203 5666 986


“Ole Gangalee”-Official Video


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