KOFFEE Radio – stay up!

KOFFEE Radio - stay up!

Do you like music?
Do you like real Reggae & Dancehall music?
How would you like to hear good music 24/7?
You know…no bag a long talking…just music straight!
Not the same two or three hype artists either…veterans, current, nuh-buss-yet mek wi buss dem artists to. Na mean?

I have a little thing I do that I wanna share with you.
While I surf the net, I just click a link and get my music on.
I click http://www.wkris.com and BOOM! Music straight.
It’s that simple. Koffee Radio live! All day everyday!

You can take Koffee Radio with you anywhere you go. Your smart phone a nuh idiat so simply download the “Tunein App” and search for “Koffee Radio”.
Like them on Facebook as well at: http://www.facebook.com/koffeefm247
Follow them on twitter & Instagram @KoffeeRadio

Not too savvy? Use your phone the old fashioned way…
Call them at: (925) 695-7472

“Koffee Radio, We’re Simply The Best!”

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