YMYTV…do you really have to ask?

YMYTV...do you really have to ask?

“Cause it’s all about me.”
And you.


YMYTV is a premium Lifestyle website based in Bronx, New York and Kingston, Jamaica.

YMYTV aims to create unique products, features, interviews, short films, documentaries and programming for ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC, SPORTS, FASHION, EVENTS, NEWS & GOSSIP and PAY-PER VIEW PROGRAMMING as a Global Media outlet.

With a target audience of over 10 Million in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. We are definitely a multimedia production Company, delivering at the highest level of cutting edge technology with the use of powerful marketing tools and production personnel.

We are now inviting Artistes, Managers, Producers, Designers, Writers, Models, Dancers, Journalists, Promoters, Selectors, Disc-Jockeys, Entertainment Industry Professionals and members of the Sporting Community to participate in interviews and coverage, as our team works to develop a media platform geared at maximum exposure for all our features and affiliates

Get acquainted. We’re about to change the way you surf the net.
Check out our website (link above) and hit “Join Us” to subscribe to our newsletter. Keep up with what’s going on in entertainment & much more.

“why my tv? Do you really have to ask? Cause it’s all about me!”
YMYTV…at dem!

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