Mykal Fax speaks about “Jamaican Mafia”-the movie

There’s a new film slated for release in 2014 called “Jamaican Mafia”, and the streets are
buzzing with anticipation. I sat down recently with Mykal Fax, the creator of this film for a little one and one.

No long talking, here’s what he had to say:

CP- Greetings Mykal, it’s been a long time. How are you?

MF-I’m fine Shilo. Jus’ continuing on my journey of becoming the first Caribbean born Actor/Writer/Director to take home the coveted Oscar award.

CP- I remember the first time we met in BKNY. This bright young man walked up to me and showed me the movie “Foreign”. By the time you were through with your sales pitch, I had an autographed copy seal up and paid for. I have been a supporter ever since. Was “Foreign” your first film project, and what inspired it?

MF-“Foreign” was surely my first film project and it was inspired by a vision that came to me in the form of a question. “Imagine how people would crack up laughing if you did a comedic movie about a Jamaican migrating to America for the first time?” And I took that concept to paper.

CP- You are recognized and referred to on the street as Cymbal, your ladies man character from your movie, “Bashment.” Tell us the inspiration behind “Bashment.”

MF-“Bashment” came about after basing the lead characters on myself and a close friend of mine who died by the gun. Cymbal was my character as a teenager, a hardcore womanizer. And Son-Son was based on Wiggle Pops, a hardcore rude-boy. So 50% of the story-line was taken from real life experiences.

CP- Besides actor, what other hats did you wear on the (Bashment) project?

MF-We produced “Bashment” with a super-duper low budget, so I had to wear many hats. I was Co-Writer, Producer, Assistant Director, Casting Director, Location Scout, and Assistant Editor. Mi put in serious work!

CP- I know people who hail this movie as their favorite ‘Jamaican’ film. I know it has been years since it’s release, but how was the response? Was it as you desired?

MF-Oh man! The response was very positive! After all of the hard work it was spiritually uplifting. The Jamaican Sunday Gleaner wrote: “It takes a back seat to no other Jamaican films. Not even the classic “The Harder They Come”. Wow! That’s the ultimate achievement! Pleasant greetings and praises came from all over the world. The best feed-back came from a single father who greeted me like I was God and introduced me to his four kids. Then shockingly, he broke out in tears while shaking my hand and said I was the one who inspired his son on the journey to becoming a Lawyer after watching “Bashment” over and over.

CP- Have you always wanted to be an actor?

MF-I caught the acting bug after purchasing a video camera in 1995. I used to arrange short comedic skits similar to Saturday Night Live, and my friends and me would act them out while another friend operated the camera. Whenever I played the cassette tapes in barbershops and salons, people would laugh hard and encourage me to do it professionally. Here I am years later on the verge of breaking into Hollywood.

CP- “Jamaican Mafia”. Yes Lord. Let me get right into it here. The streets are buzzing with anticipation about this film. Tell us all about it.

MF-In 2011, I was told by the Marketing Director of a major film company that it would be a great idea to do a movie in the genre of “Shottas”. I took his advice, and in late 2012 I finished writing the 1st draft of “Jamaican Mafia” which is inspired by actual events.

I play Zoolian Anderson, a frustrated Corporatist who desperately desires riches and respect, and discovers he’s the nephew of a powerful crime-boss, and decides to quit the corporate world to join the ruthless criminal organization known as the “Jamaican Mafia”.

It is produced by Orville Matherson and Elvis Griffiths from the hot Jamaican TV show, “Nite Lyfe.” And the Italian native, Dale Foti is the Executive producer. The film is Directed by Vafomba Donzo, who is African by birth and very much in love with the Jamaican culture. He hopes to get a Jamaican green card after Jamaican Mafia releases. LOL. Cinematagraphy was well executed by Sean Fortune.

This movie was well casted with (me) Mykal Fax in the lead role, veteran actor Paul Campbell playing the mafia boss, popular dancehall artist Nardo Ranks playing the hot-head gangsta, Beenie man’s ex-wife D’Angel plays the seductive femme fatale, famous dancehall selector Glamour Wayne as the under-boss, and features a cameo from Busta Rhymes right hand man Spliff Star and dancer John Bling from Black Blingers. The movie was filmed in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. The producers aim to premiere “Jamaican Mafia” in the 2014 Tribeca film festival in Manhattan, New York.

CP- Sounds amazing. Is there a website or link where we can get updates about the movie?

MF-Our official website is under construction. But you can like our page and stay updated @

CP- What’s next for you Mykal?

MF-“Jamaican Mafia” is blazing up so much heat that I can’t see beyond it. I can’t say what’s next until the smoke clears. [right now] It’s all about Jamaican Mafia!!!

All about this film is right. I personally can’t wait. Log onto their facebook page, hit “like” and keep up!


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4 Responses to Mykal Fax speaks about “Jamaican Mafia”-the movie

  1. Shaunnah Mcbean says:

    I’m so humbled to say I know this man n he’s a friend started from bottom now he’s ere

  2. Janene Beckford says:

    I am a fan did extra work in it i can’t wait to see the finished product. Bashment was awesome i know this one will be double awesome!!!

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  4. Nina O'Neill says:

    My firm is handling the public relations and sponsorship marketing of the film. FOR SPONSORSHIP OF THE SCREENING PREMIERE LAUNCH AND AFTER PARTY TOUR WITH THE ARTISTS AND ALL INTERVIEW PRESS AND MEDIA OPPORTUNITY! The Matteo Group Nina O’Neill 386-675-8242

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