Amnesia In Reggae

noun: amnesia
  1. a partial or total loss of memory.
    That right there is the official documented definition of amnesia.
    Memory loss can be caused by many things. I would list some here but I can’t remember any. Where was I again? Oh yeah, I was saying that loss of memory can happen to anyone…any age. Whether the culprit is the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease, head injury, or the inevitable old age, doesn’t matter. Losing ones memory, temporary or not, cannot be a pleasant experience.
    I know I’ve had experiences I’ve chosen to forget. To lock away in the back of my mind collecting rust. I also have people I have chosen to forget about as well. At least I think I have…I can’t remember who at the moment, but I am sure there are a few.
    Reggae artists. I feel for some of them. I mean, who is going to help some a dem recover from this debilitating disease? Think about it………you’re sitting in Jamaica suffering…struggling to make ends meet. Wishing for a day when you can tour the world and perform on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans. Shaking your locks (or not), while bunning Babylon and the injustice.
    You feel as if the world is unjust. You have real talent and just need someone, anyone to give you that break you so desperately seek. That opportunity to show the world what you’ve got to offer. You are talented, and you deserve the break. You want to be as big as Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. As a matter of fact, you need someone to help you prove that you can be more prominent than they are. If only someone would give you a chance. Believe in you. Give you that break. Help you to GET THERE!
    You have ambition and you are motivated. You have in your possession, a plethora of songs, but unless you record them, they’re just words. You’re becoming frustrated…the house a leak, baby momma a call, baby daddy won’t sen on funds, mommy need a medical, school fee due and little Keisha cyah guh back. But you’re so talented. You just need one or two…maybe even three persons to believe in you…but where are they? Why you suh salt?
    Momma always told you to ‘tek it to the Lord in prayer baby’…so on your knees you go. Day and night…asking GOD to remember that He was the one who blessed you with your amazinnngg talent. ‘You can’t leave me now Lord” you say. You pray in earnest, and you keep the faith.
    Finally, after years of waiting, wishing and praying, your ship arrives in the dock.  A producer, an engineer, a manager, a publicist, a photographer, a video producer, and everything you need falls right into your hands. You have no money. Not even two piece a stick to rub together, but you are good. You are super talented and everyone believes in you.
    Hard work and dedication from everyone around you yields much fruit. Yu ting shatt. Everyone did what they had to do, PRO BONO. It was all for you. Everyone including your fans wanted to see you GET THERE, then do the right thing. But alas……..amnesia struck as soon as you boarded your first flight.
    This affliction is rather prevalent in the reggae community. I sincerely hope that there is a scientist out there somewhere, working on a cure, or in the very least, a vaccine for this dreadful disease. I also hope that that same scientist finds a cure for bad mind. These two diseases in the reggae community is widespread and infectious.
    Maybe we need a telethon to raise funds to help these forgetful ingrates. Poor things. Pray for them. Right now that’s all we can do! I know a few…I’m sure you do too!

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4 Responses to Amnesia In Reggae

  1. Paul Brown says:

    You should never burn your bridges behind you?

  2. Namnin_BPrincess says:

    As sad as it may be people seems to embrace where they’re more than where they came from. Even do their past support system was pivotal for their future.

  3. Carline says:

    Don’t mek the fire from the bridge you burnt down touch your heel back when you cross over. There are many girls in the world that are very nice and sweet but the sweetest one I know is the one whe I love but you nah like the one name Karma sweeter than the rest.

  4. so it go – one day one day – we will find a reggae artist who never forgot the shoulders on which they stood to get where they got!

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