The Top Ten Most Irritating Things About Facebook

The Top Ten Most Irritating Things About Facebook

…or should I say: ‘that people do on facebook?’…whatever!
This photo has nothing to do with facebook, or this blog. But isn’t it lovely?
I took it myself on Hellshire Beach in Jamaica. It actually reminds me of my first
gripe about facebook. (In no particular order)…

10. Saving other people’s photos, then uploading them as your own. Not cool!

9. Having a profile photo and albums of photos of yourself that’s like twenty years old. Then having the nerve to see one of your fb friends in the street, and be offended when you’re not recognized.

8. Having a name longer than two sentences

7. Hitting like on every blasted thing without reading it. For example someone wrote: “my dad passed away today”…why on earth would you hit ‘like’?

6. Telling us every move you intend to make that day. I mean every move. It’s really not that serious. Trust me. Little Billy’s dental appointment, or your bunion surgery can stay private.

5. Don’t lie about your relationship status either. It’s ok to be single. If ‘it’s complicated’…that means yu single. Accept it.

4. Stop with these damn bathroom pix. Find a friend and give them your phone to snap a good pic of you. Preferably outdoors. If you can’t do that, there has got to be some place else in the house that has a mirror. If you insist on the bathroom as your backdrop, clean it. If you can’t clean it…at least draw the shower curtain and close the lid to the toilet.

3. If you’ve got something personal to say to someone…pick up your phone and tell them. If you don’t have their number, inbox them. No one really cares about the war between you and yu baby-daddy, yu neighbor, yu landlord or yu matey.

2. The funeral photos…not cute. If the person in the casket didn’t have a facebook page when they were vertical, why on earth would you think they’d appreciate a photo of themselves while permanently horizontal published on the net?

1. The lies. Oh the flossing and the lies. You know that’s not your Jaguar you posing next to. You know the beauty parlor waiting to repossess the lace front. You know the girl you blocked is the owner of the shoes. You know that’s not a real Gucci purse. You know we know that you can’t even find two sticks to rub together like most folks now a days. You know you posing in the dressing room trying on clothes and shoes you can’t afford…but taking pics like they yours. You know we know but nah tell you that we know what you think only you know. Save it. Just BE YOURSELF. Stop pretending. Keep it real. It’s hard outta road and we all know that. If you have to pretend, then you don’t have real friends.

Not every status on facebook is about you. Why so jumpy? Chill. Stop taking everything so personal. That’s your conscience talking.

Now, run along and socialize…life short.
Have fun.
I am…hehehee

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  1. says:

    lol. I like #5

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