God A God!

I know everyone is busy and have their own agenda. Most don’t like to read. I know I don’t…(there has to be pictures)

Anyway…I hope you will read this.

I have had some things on my mind recently and the devil wanted me to stress. 
I was stressing about three weeks ago…then I read Mark 11 (again)…I invite you to read it as well.

I made a firm decision that all doubt and stress is of the beast. Mi nuh inna nutten with the beast…soooo, I made a decision to NOT STRESS ABOUT ANYTHING ANYMORE.
I got to my knees and talked to GOD. I told GOD that I was placing all the things that were of concern to me at HIS feet. I did just that. I didn’t know what I was going to do…so I let go and let GOD.

I didn’t know how GOD was going to fix my issues, but that was ok. GOD a GOD. If I knew, I wouldn’t need faith. Faith is believing and knowing that all will be well without having a clue as to how.

We have to understand that GOD LOVES to be called upon. He loves to SHOW us how much He is the ONLY ONE really in control…no matter how much we think we are.

The very next day…I got the first miracle.
When I say miracle…I mean miracle. I fell to my knees and said the only thing I could say to my Creator…THANK YOU FATHER! Sometimes that is alllllllll anyone needs to say.


One hurdle crossed…another still remained…and I know more will always come.

I went to sleep last night after having a prayer with a friend of 31 years on the phone. We each have mountains that needs to be cast into the sea…so we did just what we KNEW we had to do. We got on our knees…covered our heads in reverence and PRAYED in earnest with no doubt in our hearts.

The bible says where two or three are gathered, GOD is right there in the midst. Sometimes we have to go to GOD with a companion and declare and claim what we want. Remember, when more than one stand and come to GOD in agreement…you see the results even quicker. We both went to our Father together…we talked, He listened.

Listen I know he did. Why?
I just got a call from a most unexpected source a few minutes prior to writing this. GOD touched someone and praise JESUS…a second miracle.
People…GOD a GOD!
Let me repeat that…GOD a GOD!

He wants to prove to us and the naysayers among us just how powerful He is.
Won’t you give Him a chance? I won’t say put Him to the test because we can’t test the Most High…but won’t you please give Him a try??? He is not called King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the Most High GOD for nothing.

Try GOD!

My birth verse speaks of faith.
Faith is the first thing I was taught as a child.
I always have faith.
When you feel as if you can’t have faith and you don’t know how to have faith…that’s PRECISELY the moment you NEED to have faith. That’s when yu shame the beast and mek im run.

I bet if we all turn off the cell, the laptop, the tv and all distractions for an hour and reflect on our lives, we would see and count just how many times GOD has showed up and come through for us and we gave His credit to someone else. Stop! Think. Who was it really? Only GOD. Spend an uninterrupted hour with the Creator who designed you in His image and knows everything about the special person you are. Who is your best friend? The all powerful Being. How cool is that? (What a friend we have in Jesus) Indeed!

I remember asking a man one time who was mad at me for reading my little Bible on the job, who he thought woke him up this morning. He proudly said, ‘my alarm clock’. He was serious…and I pitied him.
I wish he knew the GOD I know. My GOD loves to be loved. He loves to be called. He loves to be invited. He smiles at us. He wants to please us and be with us. Won’t you invite Him in? He gave us free will…He won’t come if we don’t ask. So please, ask!

One more thing…are you listening?
Why do I ask this? Well, many people pray and then say their prayers weren’t answered. All prayers are answered. Sometimes the answers are no. Sometimes the answers may be through a comment from a stranger on the street passing by speaking to someone else…or a headline in the paper…or a child’s song or whisper…or a phone call…OR…my favorite…THE FIRST THING THAT COMES INTO YOUR HEART…YOUR MIND. That’s usually GOD talking. Are we listening? Not always. Something will be sitting in our hearts, but because we don’t want the answer to be the one that the Lord knows is best for us, but the one WE want…we ignore it. Whenever we ignore the truth and go against our hearts…wi muss pap dung! ‘Every action has a reaction.’…B. Marley

I am going to climb out of this bed and say: ‘Thank you GOD’ and ask for protection as I head out into Father GOD’s sunlight. I pray for all the blessings for each and everyone today.
Some say they don’t know how to pray. Why not? It’s not an art. It’s you talking to GOD like how you talk to someone in front of you. Sometimes the only thing you need to say is: ‘Thank you GOD and Lord, PLEASE have mercy on me and help me’. Simple.

If you can’t do that…write a Dear GOD letter. Type it out and read it everyday. Put everything in it you need to say. Just invite GOD to stay close. He will.


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5 Responses to God A God!

  1. Hudah says:

    Thank you once again Mumma

  2. Namnin_BPrincess says:

    Amen. Powerful Testimonial. Jah Guide, Bless & Protect Us Always.

  3. Carline says:

    Ever living ever faithful ever sure. Can’t stop call on, him daily.

    With the high tech world in, our physical world it’s a great reminder that we must keep our spiritual mind in tact.

    God is in control so why worry when we can pray.

    No stress for di 2014.

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