1/2 Dozen Questions-Ludmilla Muse “The Spot TV”


Oprah has OWN!!!
However, my sis Ludmilla Muse, lovingly called Ludi, also has her ‘own’ dream. It’s called The SPOT TV, and we can help her make her dreams come true.

We constantly complain about what the media is shoving down our throats, and how we have no say. Well, let’s help my sis extend her voice, and fulfill her vision. I like her concept as well…wherever she is, it’s the SPOT. Let’s unite for a worthy cause. If we can give so much to our oppressors without batting an eye, let’s help our own just as passionately.

I had a little one on one with Ludi today, you know, my famous “1/2 Dozen Questions”. Thanks for the time Ludi. Now people, please read, share and support!

CP-Good morning Ludi. How are you my love?
Ludi-Good morning sis! I’m well, thank you? And yourself?

CP-I am most blessed mama. Can’t and won’t complain. Can I say how proud I am of you? Yes I can. I am so so very proud of you my sister. You have always pursued your dream with dogged determination. I love and admire that. Now, tell us your background and why you wanted to become a media personality.
Ludi– Awwww! I’m very grateful! Coming from you, that means a lot! I am originally from Chicago, born to Haitian parents. Most everyone in my family is in the medical field, but I have always been more of an artist. Ever since I was a child, I loved being able to express myself, via art, dance, singing, or acting. I wanted to be an actress, but the media thing kind of fell into my lap!

CP-When did you get your first break in television?
Ludi-When I was living in Houston, I was co-hosting on a Caribbean radio show. The host of the show was offered a hosting gig on a new TV series, “Caribbean Vybez TV” but did not have time to do it. He introduced me to the producer, Eric, and without auditioning or anything, I was given a shot!

CP-Tell us how The Spot TV came about, and the concept behind it?
Ludi-I created The Spot TV in my apartment in Houston. As the city was shut down due to a hurricane, my friends and I got creative! I was hosting the Caribbean TV show and freelancing as a celebrity correspondent, at the time. I just wanted to do something more. I wanted to not only interview celebrities, but to go out into the world and show people different cultures, food, music, etc.

CP-You have started a Kickstarter program to raise funds to bring your dream to fruition. Tell us about this and how we all can help.
Ludi-Yes! For the past several years, I have funded, produced and edited my show, by myself! I want to take the show to another level, so I started the Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce a high quality show to shop to major television networks. The funds will go towards paying my team, camera people, editors, website management, marketing team, etc. It will take a team of professionals to do this project the way I have always envisioned it! I need the people to support this either financially or sharing my project. There are different dollar amounts that people can pledge and I have great gifts that I am giving away on every level! So everyone can walk away with something! Also, people will not be immediately charged. They get charged when my project is successfully funded.

CP-Will The Spot TV only cover entertainment, or will you be tackling social commentary and various issues?
Ludi-I want to cover everything! lol I want to be able to show people what life is like in different parts of the world. I want to inspire people to travel, to learn new things, try different foods, listen to new music, dance a new song! To live without fear! I want people to see that there is an entire globe for us to learn from!

Ludi adds: “Thank you Shilo, for sharing my project on your platform! I’m beyond grateful! I want people to know that whatever your passion is, no matter how long it takes to come into fruition, do not ever give up on that burning desire! Keep believing, and keep striving until it happens!”

Please click on the link below and show your support.
No more complaining about what is being shoved down our throats by the media. Let’s help Ludi make her dream a reality. Put up or shut up!


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